Justin Bieber Accused of Cultural Appropriation Over Dreadlocks

 Justin Bieber managed to generate controversy after debuting his new hairstyle on Instagram. The “Yummy” singer is being called out for cultural appropriation, after posting a photo showing his new dreadlocks.

This new quarrel echoes a similar issue many took with the singer four years ago, when he was seen wearing cornrows.

The Issue

Dreadlocks are a traditional Black protective hairstyle, which is why Bieber is being called out.

Those in the Black community who have worn natural hairstyles have faced racial discrimination, whilst non-black individuals who wear this hairstyle are praised by the media for being “edgy” or “unconventional.”

Many people have shared their dismay on social media – pleading with the pop star to change his hairstyle and apologize, stressing that the style is disrespectful and insensitive.

One twitter user said, “I love Justin Bieber, but these dreads have got to go!”

Another pointed out the irony tweeting, “not Justin Bieber naming his album justice and getting dreads, all in the same year.” 

On the other hand, others have come to the singer’s defense. 

“Who cares if Justin Bieber has dreads” one fan wrote.

“If Justin Bieber wants to wear dreads, let him. It’s his hair. I fail to see how this is offensive,” another user tweeted. “If he was trying to make fun then it’s offensive. Obviously not one of those times.”

An Apology?

Fans believed the “Justice” singer would eventually make an apology post — which he did, sort of. Bieber took to his Instagram stories to explain himself.

“All of us humans just want to be liked, fit in, belong, feel heard, be accepted,” he said. “We all have our own insecurities . . . we can all hide behind superficial things but the truth is, we’re hurting. The answer can’t be within ourselves . . . God’s plan is better than our own. Trust Him!”

Bieber then reposted the post on his Instagram profile.  Unfortunately, this plea didn’t help his case.

Replies under his Instagram post have been mixed, with the majority agreeing that his post “missed the mark” and read as “delusional.” Others however, praised the singer for speaking his truth. 

The bad press didn’t seem to bother the 27-year old singer, as he posted two additional photos of himself flaunting the hairstyle on his Instagram.   

What are your thoughts on Justin Bieber sporting dreadlocks? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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