Justin Bieber Tackles Toddlerography

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By: Alyssa Naumann

Wednesday’s episode of “The Late Late Show with James Corden” featured a new Toddlerography segment with Justin Bieber. Corden and Bieber prepared for a dance class with some of the world’s toughest choreographers: a group of toddlers. 

The adorable and hilarious segment started off with Bieber calming the nerves of Corden before class. Corden says, “I’m just a little jittery, man. These instructors, they don’t mess around.” While Bieber underestimated the intensity of the class, Corden pointed to the first instructor, a little girl, waving at Bieber and Corden, asking “are you ready?”

The segment switched off toddler instructors with Corden and Bieber having to follow the toddler’s every move as they danced to Bieber’s throwback hit song “Baby,” pretty ironic given the age of the instructor.

The dancing consisted of typical toddler moves. A lot of running, jumping, spinning, and falling, but not all of the moves were easy for the Bieber-Corden duo to mimic. A couple times throughout the segment, we see toddlers showing off their gymnastics moves with a cartwheel. A move Bieber had no trouble following, but Corden did not even want to attempt. It is not surprising that the segment is full of Corden’s hilarious facial expressions when he was not quite coordinated enough to keep up with the kids.

In the end, Corden needed to “cool down” so Bieber encourages him to take some deep breaths. It then transitions to Bieber, Corden and one of the toddlers sitting down to catch their breaths after a long and tiring class. The trio blows bubbles to a lullaby in the background, and the segment wraps up peacefully.

Other celebrities like Gislele Bündchen, Jennifer Lopez, Jason Derulo, and Gwyneth Paltrow have already shown off their dance moves with Corden. No matter how many Toddlerographys are released, they never seem to get less funny or adorable. Bieber was just the latest celebrity to participate in Toddlerography with Corden and kids. We can’t wait to see who is next!


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