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Kanye West has surrendered from the 2020 election, but the rapper turned potential politician has his eye on 2024!

A Rapper Turned Potential Politician 

West announced back in July he would be running for president and landed a spot on the ballot of 12 states as an independent or third party candidate!

A source close to Kanye shared how his wife, Kim Kardashian, felt about his decision to run for president with E! News.

“He’s very passionate in everything he does, which Kim respects, but she doesn’t always agree with his actions,” the source told E! News. “She knows that Kanye is very serious about running for president and she publicly supports him.”

It may surprise fans to know that Kim is not the only voter who supports the Kanye campaign! Before tasting defeat, Kanye collected 60,000 votes over 12 states!

His own vote being one of them! Kanye posted on Instagram and revealed he casted his ballot for the first time ever. 

“Today I voted for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it’s for someone I truly trust…me.” the rapper wrote, following the post with an American flag and dove emoji.

West’s Journey To The White House Is Not Over Yet

Even with Kanye’s own vote included, this is a very small amount in comparison to the number of votes collected by other candidates. However, it is quite the decent collection after his late and hectic campaign

West has declared that his journey to the White House is not over yet. He will be running again in 2024. Ye took to Twitter to announce his plans of re-running with a picture of him standing behind a lit up image of the U.S. map. 

“KANYE 2024,” the rapper wrote on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian has not made a comment on his loss or his announcement to re-run in four years. However, this news has caused quite the stir amongst fans!

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