Kim Kardashian Drops New KKW Beauty Collection

Kim Kardashian dropped a new collection for KKW Beauty, “KKW x ALLISON,” this Friday 8.28 at 12 PM PDT.


This collection is extra special for Kim because she collaborated with her longtime childhood friend Allison Statter. They have been friends for decades, and Kim is paying tribute to their long-lasting friendship.

Various celebrities received the PR Packaging for this collection in advance, and it is everything! The box is in the shape of a large envelope, and inside is a handwritten letter from Allison to Kim from when they were little. The collection pays so much attention to detail and is so beautiful.

Each item of makeup in the collection has images of Kim and Allison throughout their friendship. From the beginning to their most recent pictures together. All of the photos go back to special moments in both of their lives.

“Our idea for doing a collab together was to do it for working moms,” Kim shares on an Instagram story review of the collection.


The entire collection focuses on simplicity and effortless beauty. The collection includes lipsticks, lip glosses, face powders, and eyeshadow palettes.

Kim, along with her sister Kylie Jenner, is notorious for the creative names of her products. Some of the names of the eyeshadows in her palette are Marymount, Pager, and Malibu. Marymount is the name of the high school where the two attended together. They chose “Pager” because they used to use a pager to communicate with one another. Malibu was selected as another name because they spent a lot of their time there on the beach.

The most meaningful name chosen was “Cherish.” “Cherish” was selected as the name because it is their friendship song. Cherish, by Madonna, is their favorite song because it prompted them to think of that very special memory.

Kim and Allison were at the beach, and they kept hearing the song playing over and over and saw Madonna herself was there filming the music video for the song. The two got to watch the entire filming of the video. Kim says that it was one of her fondest memories. This experience went full circle for Kim because she met Madonna at her first Met Gala and was able to tell her the story. But the memory was even more special because she was able to share it with her best friend.

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