Kim Kardashian’s New Velour Skims Collection Ft. Paris Hilton

Kim Kardashian and her bestie Paris Hilton are an iconic duo. Everyone remembers their 2000’s vibes with their large metallic Louis Vuittons, their velvet tracksuits, and their extra sunnies. 

Kim’s brand, Skims, just came out with a new “Velour” collection as an ode to the Paris and Kim days. Everyone is raving over the fabric’s quality and the wide variety of styles. 

Kim came out with sleep sets, lounge sets, and even a velour robe. Kim and Paris posed in front of Kim’s silver range rover wearing their silver Skims ‘Velour’ sets. 

She came out with crop tops, tank tops, and two types of sweat pant styles. One sweat pant is more of a jogger style and the other is more of a wide leg. 

Kim also did a remake of her iconic picture on top of her white and pink Range Rover wearing her pink tracksuit. She did it this time wearing her silver velour set on top of her silver Range Rover. 

YouTuber, Alisha Marie reviewed the collection on her Youtube Channel and gave her honest review. She said that the collection was a pleasant surprise. She especially loved the robe for its amazing quality fabric. Throughout the video she kept raving about the fabric of the products.

Alisha also commented on the sizes and how she loved how the pants fit her. She said that the pants fit her “thick thighs” perfectly, when oftentimes sweats fit too tight on her. 

All of the products in the collection have the same fabric and everyone is saying that it doesn’t feel like any average velour fabric, it is very high quality. 

The sets come in various colors. They come in a grey as well as a rust orange color. Both of these colors fall under Kim’s iconic minimal color tones and add a more modern spin on the old style tracksuits. Rather than just having them in bright vibrant colors, she chose colors that match with the upcoming season and popular tones. 

You can find the collection at! Let us know what you think down below! 

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