LaNease Adams Shares Her Bachelor Experience & Where She Is Now

On this EntScoop Chat we had the pleasure to sit with the lovely LaNease Adams. She made history when she received the first kiss on Season 1 on The Bachelor. She received a lot of hate during those times from bigoted people that made her question her self worth. Today she shared with us how she got through it! She even shares with us some of the new projects that she is working on! 

The Bachelor Experience

She had first got on the show when one of her casting friends recommended she audition. She had always thought dating shows were fun and had done some in the past so she gave it a shot. Maybe because of that she didn’t find it hard to ignore the cameras. She shared that after a while it was pretty easy to block them out. 

The Aftermath

Adams shared with us that after the first episode of The Bachelor aired she began to get recognized on the streets. This did cause some anxiety to arise but what was worse was the bigoted/racial comments. These comments took a major tole on her mental and physical health. She ended up taking medicines to take the pain away and mentally check out. This was detrimental to her health and her mother took her to the hospital. 

It was during that time, at rock bottom, that she realized all the people who had put her down were not there with her. She realized what they said did not matter and she began to reconstruct her sense of self. 

Why She Is Speaking Out

She thought it was important that she talked about her story. One thing that helped her during her time of need was reading other celebrity stories of struggle. She saw that those same celebrities were doing great despite their struggle. She found hope through their honesty.  


Some advice that Adams’ gives to people rising into the limelight is to be sure of who you are and what your purpose is. Her purpose was to be a light and to bring joy. She stated that you need to have a strong sense of self so that others can’t harm you with their words. She also stressed the importance to hold people accountable for their actions. Just because we aren’t face to face with a person doesn’t mean we can be reckless with our words. Call out those people around you, even if they are your loved ones, when they are in the wrong. 

Stronger & Busier

Currently LaNease is working on her web series, The Misadventures of Katherine. It follows the life of a girl who constantly finds herself in awkward situations. She is also working on marketing her short film Heaven’s RevengeThis plays out all the fantasies you may have post breakup. Last, she has also recently auditioned for a new project that she is waiting to hear back from. We wish her the best of luck in all she does! Go show her some support and check out her projects too! 

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