Lay Lay talks all things “That Girl Lay Lay”

Kids Choice Award-nominated actress and singer Lay Lay brought high energy and ALL the personality, sporting a yellow fit and of course what is an orange carpet without some bling?!

From the start, she exclaimed that she was opposed to being slimed. Looking that good, do we blame her? No!

Singing and dancing in the mirror, Lay Lay said that she blasted “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” by Nicki Minaj at 6 a.m. to get ready for the KCA’s.

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After receiving the news that she was nominated, the star was enamored, stating that she finally feels her hard work is paying off.

“Sometimes when I’m working as hard as I am, it doesn’t feel like work is paying off but seeing stuff like this and seeing my fans love me the way they do, makes it all worth it,” Lay Lay said.

That Girl Lay Lay follows two best friends that when brought together, can accomplish anything.

The actress was prepared, stating, “I mean yeah, why not?” for the show to take off and circulate a lot of buzz. However, still in awe over her nomination.

Her talents of acting and singing are intertwined into this comedy series. While she said it’s a challenge, it fuels her creative passion!

“Doing music on a show is not for the weak because it comes down to you being a performer and having to do an actual performance shot, then go back into the acting world,” Lay Lay said. “It’s a lot of back and forth, but I love it.”

That Girl Lay Lay is renewed for Season 3, and we cannot wait to see the new adventures Lay Lay and Sadie go on.

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