Leading a Life of Meaningful Relationships| Feel Good Friday’s W/ Liv Teixeira

Welcome back to another episode of “Feel Good Friday’s W/ Liv Teixeira!” In this week’s episode our host, Liv, discusses the importance of giving this life your all and living without creating regrets.

The Most Common Regret

Oftentimes when people think of giving this life there all they envision their careers or wealth. However, Liv explains that when reflecting on what is the most common regret for most people, the answer is not focusing on relationships enough.

At some point in time we all will encounter the same fate, and our host shares that we will be reflecting on the special moments with meaningful people during that time. 

At the end of our time we will not regret the material items we didn’t buy, but instead the relationships we didn’t maintain. 

In order to lead a life where meaningful relationships are created Liv stresses we should place a special emphasis on making memories and curating relationships.

The Greatest Thing You Can Do For Someone

Liv reminds us that we will never regret watching a sunset with someone, making a phone call to a loved one, making dinner together, sharing a laugh or going on a walk with someone we love.

“One of the greatest things you can do for somebody is just be there for them,” says Liv.

Our host concludes this wonderful message by encouraging us to add meaningful relationships to our bucket list in life.

What are some ways that you maintain meaningful relationships in your day to day routine? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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