Learn To Make Your Restaurant Favorites At Home

By: Becky Root 

Sure you could see your self-imposed or school-imposed quarantine as a chance to diet and shed a few pounds, but isn’t your time better spent learning how to make your restaurant favorites at home? If this is our new normal, quarantines every few years, then you may want to have your homemade In-N-Out Double Double mastered.

Let’s start with what’s important: slurping happiness through a straw. Chowhound has the full run of Starbucks favorites, if pumpkin spice is what you need just to feel again. If you need video to follow along with, this has salted caramel Starbucks knock-offs that will leave your tastebuds unaware of any societal problems. 

I have used Wendy’s Frostys medicinally since high school. Thankfully, The Chunky Chef has mastered the Wendy’s Frosty for us, using only three ingredients, so grocery hoarding-friendly. Finally, don’t forget it is March, a few Shamrock Shakes are in order. Otherwise there are eleven long months of drinking normal colored shakes ahead. Cupcakes and Cashmere has cracked the Shamrock Shake formula for you. Remember, shake ingredients are more likely to still be in stock, who runs for these weird drink syrups in a crisis? The panicked mobs are stocking their freezers with meats and veggies, leaving plenty of ice cream flavors at stores.

If you don’t want to be socially distant from your favorite restaurant meals, Tasty has you covered, from White Castle Sliders to the Taco Bell CrunchWrap Supreme. It seems like just knowing how to make “Secret Sauce” or “Special Sauce” at home should have been taught in school or there should be a scout badge for this skill. Dinner Then Dessert wants to help you out, so you can make a home burger resemble an In-N-Out Double Double or a Big Mac. Also, restaurants have been (foolishly) selling their secrets all along, like  Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuit mix to bake at home. Fine, if you insist on not letting the pounds sneak on while you are sedentary at home, you can learn how to make restaurant favorites more healthy.

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