Let’s Get Ready For Spooky Season!

Tis’ the season to be spooky! If you’re like me then you like to get a big head start on spooky season. The whole month of October just isn’t enough time to celebrate all the creepy and cool things in life. This is such a good time to start getting into the festivities and decorating your space! 

Don’t let COVID ruin your fun. Plan ways to stay safe but also don’t let the best times of the year slip away. I’ve been brainstorming some ways to make the end of the year holidays special too! Let’s look at some ways we can start the good times with some spooky decor! 

Halloween Lights – $13.99

I can think of no better way to give your space that perfect spooky vibe than by adding some Halloween colored lights. As soon as the sun goes down your room will be transformed into a Halloween abyss. Imagine watching scary movies when everything is surrounded by that orange/purple glow! 

Halloween Inspired Wall Stickers – $5.03

These stickers are simplistic but will give your place that extra touch it needs to put you in the Halloween spirit. These wall stickers are safe to put on walls and won’t damage them if or when you decide to take them down. 

Spooky Hanging Ghosts – $4.99

These are some really cool decorations that I found during my search. They are another cool and simple addition to your Halloween decor. I think it would look cool to see them move around when the wind shifts! 

Halloween Door Decor – $9.99

This specific door hanger can be used for spooky season and Christmas. If you want to use it year round, fuck it, it’s cute! There are so many other door hanging options so I’m sure with a quick search you’ll find one that suits you! 

Spooky Table Clothes – $14.99

Table clothes are another simple way to give your home that spooky vibe you’re going for! The perfect thing about them is that you can get any design you want to fit your personality, although I don’t recommend getting a white one. Having them be made of cloth also means you will be able to wash ad reuse them for years to come! 

Potion Bottles – $5.99

I love these little potion bottles because they make me feel nostalgic. Remember all those old witchy movies like Hocus Pocus or The Witches!? Having these on a shelf in your house or maybe even in your kitchen will give each room the Halloween look that you’re going for.  

Dachshund Skeleton Prop – $15.00

I’ve got to be honest, I was look for human skull props to maybe add as a centerpiece to go with your new table cloth but I found this. It was too interesting to not add to our list. I’ve never thought about putting a dog skeleton as a centerpiece but maybe we should try it. Skulls are out and dachshund’s are in! 

We hope our list helps you get a good start on spooky season! You can also use this as inspiration and tweak it to fit your personality better! Don’t forget to also check out the shops around your house as well. I know I’ve seen plenty of cool Halloween decorations all over stores around my home. 

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