Lisa Rinna Defends Her Daughter Against Instagram Critics

Lisa Rinna, 57, defended her daughter, Amelia Gray Hamlin, after an Instagram user spewed harsh comments on her most recent Instagram post.

Amelia’s Lingerie Post

On Feb. 9, the 19-year old model, known for her publicized relationship with Scott Disick, shared several photos of herself in lingerie. 

“Easy to practice self-love in my @boaxavenue designed in london,” said Hamlin, 19, in her Instagram post, followed by several hashtags including “#lovemeforme.”

The model’s post received over 30,000 likes, including her mother, who added three heart emojis in her comments.

Rinna’s Response to Critics

Prior to Rinna’s comment, an Instagram user replied to her compliments with criticism.

“Wtf is wrong with u? U like what u see???? Discusting,” the Instagram user wrote, accompanied by three vomit emojis.

Other Instagram users criticized “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star’s daughter.

“YES! CHILD! And way too young to be posing in this way, in her underwear,” another Instagram user wrote, “Encourage her to go to college, not this!”

Rinna responded, “What is wrong with you? This is my child.”

Lisa Rinna’s Previous Defenses

This isn’t the first time the reality TV star came to her children’s defense on social media. In May, Rinna defended her 22-year old daughter Delilah Belle Hamlin.

Hamlin posted a video dancing to Madonna’s “Who’s That Girl,” and Instagram users immediately criticized her in the comments.

Rinna responded to critics who claimed that she “pimped out” her daughter with a witty clapback.

“Actually she asked me to do this so she’s pimping me out,” Rinna said.

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