Lisa Yaro Discusses New Music and Upcoming Feature Film

Today on EntScoop Chats our host, Kelly Gilmore, spoke with Grammy nominated songwriter, singer, producer, actress, model and YouTuber Lisa Yaro!

Lisa is well known for her work in many facets across the music and film industry with plans to release some exciting new projects this year!


Most recently Lisa has released her latest single titled “Biko.” She explains that the inspiration for the different musical elements, such as swing and afrobeat, in “Biko” come from her Nigerian roots and growing up both partially in Nigeria and the United States.

“It kinda was a blend of both worlds,” said Lisa. “Paying homage to my roots, my afrobeats side and then mixing that with something modern, contemporary, with a little jazz that people here in the states can relate to as well.”

As far as plans for new music this year, the multi-talented musician tells fans to look out for her versatility in upcoming projects. Each song will offer a different side and different layer to Lisa as an artist.

Leading in a Feature Film This Year

Lisa shares with us that although she can’t divulge too many details on the upcoming film, she will be playing the lead in a women empowerment film alongside many A-list costars!

“It’s a powerful message that it’s conveying so it’s definitely a film I recommend everyone go watch once it’s released.”

Her Journey Into the Music Industry

Lisa worked her way from the ground up into the industry by sitting in on free music sessions. As far as advice for those who are looking to get their foot in the door without any prior connections, she explains that the key is to ‘keep going for it’.

Lisa reflects on a time when she would reach out to many producers via email as a young writer and although some said no, some said yes and that is what led to amazing opportunities!

Being Nominated for a Grammy in Songwriting

Amongst such amazing opportunities along the way, Lisa co-wrote on Mya’s 2016 album “Smooth Jones.” Lisa was then nominated for a Grammy on this project!

She shares with us that on the day she found out she was nominated, she woke up to a lot of congratulatory text messages, including a text from producer Young Yonny who broke the news to her that she was nominated for a Grammy on the album!

Lisa explains that this milestone opened many doors for her in the music industry and prompted her to start creating her own music!

Future Projects

As far as plans for future projects, Lisa shares that she has become more open and receptive to her modeling career.

She tells us that before she wasn’t as much but 2020 has taught her to embrace changes. With this new mindset, Lisa is embracing showcasing her many talents and being receptive to new opportunities!

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Host: Kelly Gilmore
Edited by: YiYu
Written by: Kelly Gilmore

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