powerpuff girls

Live Action “Powerpuff Girls” Series In The Works

A new live action “Powerpuff Girls” series may be coming to The CW. The classic Cartoon Network show first aired in November of 1998 until March of 2005. The cartoon series had 6 seasons and revolved around the crime fighting life of three little girls: Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup. 

powerpuff girls

The series will take a lot more than sugar, spice & everything nice for it to be a success. So far, Heather Regnier and Diablo Cody are set to be writers and executive producers for the show. Regnier is most known for working on projects such as “iZombie” and “Sleepy Hollow”. Cody is best known for her award winning original screenplay, “Juno”. 

The series is meant to follow the girls life while in their 20’s. They will resent the fact that they spent most of their childhood fighting crime instead of being kids. The question will be, will they still help the world when they are needed? 

If I’m being honest, when I heard about this, I thought it was a bit silly. It reminded me of the live action Dora and the Lost City of Gold movie. I never watch it, and I’m sure it wasn’t terrible but it was a bit odd to me. But, I will say this, it’s a smart move trying to capitalize on my nostalgia because I will definitely watch this series. 

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