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If you need new ideas to spice up your Instagram photo shoots, try out some new location ideas! With these location backgrounds you’re bound the rack up the likes on social media!

From everyday coffee shops to natural scenery, your Instagram photo shoots will never be the same! Move over, Bella Hadid! Follow along to learn how to take a boring parking garage to the ultimate photo shoot back drop. 

Parking Garages

What was once an everyday parking lot, is now the ideal photo shoot idea. Grab some of your closest friends, a tripod and put on your best fits. Whether you’re on the top of the garage or in between the levels, your Instagram post is going to be popping! 

Botanical Garden

When visiting a botanical garden, a photo shoot is a must. Being surrounded by plants and succulents is the perfect photo shoot background. Whether you’re taking a candid photo or group pic, the colors of the leaves and greenhouse will make your outfit stand out. 

Coffee Shop

There’s nothing more aesthetically please than coffee shop photo shoots. Creating the ultimate cozy and romantic vibe, coffee shop photos are a guaranteed eye-catcher. Put on your best flannel and Doc Martens and strike a pose!

Flower Fields

You know that moment when you’re driving down a back road and see a beautiful field of flowers? Do you ever think to yourself, ‘I want to take a picture in that,’? Well here’s your sign to pull over and have an impromptu shoot! Flower fields at sunset have the perfect colors for Instagram. Put on your best sundress and pose with those flowers.

Make sure to be mindful and not ruin the flowers!

Book Store

One of the best backgrounds for any picture is inside a book store. Posing in front of book shelves will bring attention to you and your picture perfect outfit. While this might not be ideal for group photos, it’s the perfect spot for you to shine alone!

City Streets

One of the most classic and easiest photo shoot locations; city streets. Whether you’re on ground level in the street or posing on a balcony, city buildings and skylines always look great in the background. Daytime or nighttime, the lighting always works in your favor. Focus the lens on yourself or the lights and test out different lenses!

Whether you live in a city or the woods, there’s always creative location options. Turn an everyday spot into your dream photo shoot background! Bring your friends, put on your best fits and have fun! 

Which of these locations is your favorite? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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