Long Distance Relationships: How To Navigate Successfully

When it comes to embarking on a long distance relationship you may feel scared or nervous of the new changes in your love life. Perhaps you both met at college and are returning to your home towns after graduation. Maybe you are high school sweethearts and attending colleges in different states. Possibly you are pulling an “Emily In Paris” and moving to France for a job opportunity. Not to fear, as not all long distance relationships have the fate of Emily’s

Long distance relationships are way more common than most think and can be quite rewarding! As Shakespeare once said “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” To make your long distance love even stronger check out these five tips to success.

Set Your Expectations and Then Make Them Reasonable

Prior to starting your romance from miles apart, set your expectations from both parties. Prepare each other in advance for where your schedules or time zones may differ. Communicate with one another how often you want to communicate or can communicate and in what styles. Knowing whether you prefer text or Facetime and at what times of day you both can chat will prevent the telephone tag and grief of missed communication.

Make The Effort To Visit

The best part of long distance is the long awaited visit. Quality time together makes the time apart all the more worth it. When planning your visits try to split the travels evenly.  Although every situation is different, if both parties can and are willing to visit one another then this will lead to smoother sailing. Try to split the visits in half, perhaps once a month for each person. Not only will this create the illusion that you are seeing each other more, but it will allow you to create different experiences in each of your cities.

Focus On Quality Conversations

Where most in person couples may spend their days talking about taking out the trash or being bored with nothing to do, long distance changes the game in a good way. Use the time you do have to chat to have meaningful conversations. Talk about your day, plan your next visit or share about how much you miss your partner. Use the time you have on the phone to have good conversations that bring you closer.

Get Creative With Long Distance Dates

Quarantine gave lots of couples a taste of long distance. Although you can’t always have an in person date together, you can still share experiences. Use Netflix Party to both watch the same show or movie together. Another great idea is to both Facetime one another and try making a new recipe. By being creative you can have dates from apart that create more common ground for conversation.

Stay Positive In The Long Distance Relationship

Don’t lose hope and remember to stay patient. Think of this as a time to grow as individuals, together. You can use this time to spend with family, friends and yourself when apart. Whether it be trying new hobbies, or grabbing lunch with the girls, your time apart can be used to better yourself for when you are both together!

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