Lucy Spraggan Discusses New Album, ‘Choices’

Today on EntScoop Chats our host, Taylor Reardigan, spoke with singer and songwriter Lucy Spraggan. Lucy discusses with us her upcoming album “Choices”!

Making History on ‘The X Factor’

Reflecting back on 2012 when Lucy was on the X Factor, she tells us that at first she did not want to go on the show because formerly the contestants never sang their own songs. However, with some convincing she was able to be the first X Factor contestant to perform her own original works!

Although she left in the third week of the live shows, Lucy’s time on the X Factor opened many doors for her. Immediately after her exit she was signed to Columbia Records and released her first top ten album!


Amongst her new album titled “Choices,” Lucy has released the music video for her song “Animal.” In the video Lucy is seen in the ring dishing out some incredible boxing scenes!

When asked if she has ever boxed prior to the music video she says that she always had an interest in boxing and as a certified personal trainer fitness is a passion she wanted showcased in the video.

Lucy even shares that her opponent in the video was a proper boxer who Lucy challenged to a real match during the shoot. She tells us that there are even scenes in the music video where the real fight is featured!


In one of her most powerful songs titled “Sober,” Lucy sits in front of the camera in a dark room and showcases powerful candid emotion as she sings. She reflects on how she used to be a heavy party girl.

After one night of heavy drinking, she woke up and decided to make a change. This experience prompted her to write this incredible song.

Lucy explains that she knows a lot of people in the public eye talk about sobriety but forget to honestly say why and she wanted the video to be as honest as the song.

Her New Album, ‘Choices’

Lucy’s latest album, “Choices” is one she explains to be “more organized.” The inspiration behind the name of this album stemmed from the many choices Lucy made last year to come out of a long term relationship, become sober and even start a fitness journey.

Fans can anticipate this incredible album’s release on February 26th!

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Host: Taylor Reardigan

Edited by: Joshua Spiwak

Written by: Kelly Gilmore

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