Madds Discusses Her Upcoming Las Vegas Residency

Our host Kelly Gilmore sat down to chat with the DJ MADDS, aka Madison Louch. For those of you who don’t know, MADDS is an LA-based model, DJ, producer, and designer. 

MADDS is the newest artist that you need to check out! She is 26 years old, and is hoping to move away from modelling to work as a DJ full-time. It seems to be working for her, because she just booked a residency in Las Vegas. Huge. 

Madds joins the video chat from her bathroom. She’s wearing a colorful, collared striped shirt. She talks to us about her career, plans for the future, and gets candid about her love life!

Her essence is the perfect combo of sultry, coy, and confident with just the right amount of tenacity and fearlessness.


Modeling Career

Maads got started in her career with modeling. She says that she has always been in the entertainment industry. Her mom represented Barbie doll. 

Madds’ mother, Kelly, was barbie, but Barbie wasn’t supposed to be pregnant at the time. So, when she got pregnant with Madds, the Barbie team had to improvise. Barbie got a little sister named Kelly. So, Maads is the blueprint for the Kelly Barbie doll

Social media played an important role in Madds’ modeling career. She posted photos and got a following, then brand deals. 

Now, Madds has transitioned from modeling to fully being a DJ. 

Becoming MADDS the DJ

Madds says that her nickname came about organically. It is already what all of her friends called her.

Becoming a DJ was difficult; she wanted to give up sometimes, but kept going. Skrillex reached out to her. then Steve Aoki, David Guetta, and she opened for them. 

MADDS has toured with Steve Aoki, Deorro, Borgore across the US and Europe. 


Vegas Residency

MADDS has grown her career by playing at colleges and music festivals. Now, she has signed a two year contract in Las Vegas. There is no bigger spot for an EDM DJ. Referencing the upcoming residency, MADDS says, “I am so nervous, but in a good way.” 

The DJ says that Vegas will be her home base, but she will still be travelling and working.

madds never forget

‘Never Forget’

First music video “Never Forget”. This single got a music video because she wanted it to be the right song. It was filmed with her friends in Mykonos. They were all on their hot girl summer vibe and listened to “How Deep is Your Love” by Calvin Harris. She started working on her own hot girl summer song. They collaborated on a song that she then sent to her team. A writer then wrote a line about having fun, no string attached. 

Since the song was a collaboration between MAADS and her friends, she decided to include them in the video. The video was just MAADS and her friends having fun together. It was filmed in Miami without a real concept besides all of her friends in her bikinis. Oh yeah, she designs bikinis too. “It was just fun.” 

“The song should’ve never happened, it just did.” 

She and her sexy girlfriends (IG models & influencers) Cindy PradoAlexa CollinsBrianna Gonva, and Sabrina Calvo are clad in her MADDS x AKOSHA bikinis for a photoshoot, then let loose and party at her DJ set in Miami….or was it all a dream?


Bikini Line

MADDS has also ventured into design. She has worked on her own bikini line with AKOSHA. She says that she hoped to have super sexy cut bikinis, but with a classy print. In her design process, MADDS was very hands-on and specific with every detail.

Future Projects

Where does MADDS see herself in the future? She says, ‘I really want to own my own music label. It was so difficult to get noticed.” It is her hope  to make a space for people to send in their music and MAADS can use her connections to help them. 

Additionally, she wants to use her platform to start a charity. 

What did you think of Madds “Never Forget” music video? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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