Madison Olds Talks To Us About Her Single “Best Part Of Me” & “3’s a Crowd”

Today on EntScoop Chats, we talked to the super down to Earth, Madison Olds. Olds is making her mark in the music world, by putting out a new single entitled, “Best Part of Me.” To top it off, she has just released another single TODAY! It’s called “3’s A Crowd.” You can check it out on so many different streaming platforms! She is living proof that with passion, dedication, confidence, and bravery, you can achieve your dreams!

madison olds

Breaking Into The Industry

Madison exclusively shared with us that she knew she wanted to pursue music when she was 16. At that point in her life, she had begun to take guitar seriously, and her songwriting began to improve. She reached out to a studio that she wanted to work with, they got back to her that next week, and the rest is history. Fast forward; Sticky Studios helped her create her debut album Blue.

“3’s a Crowd”

Madison turns on her sultry side in her flirtatious new song, “3’s A Crowd”. The fresh electro-pop track comes alive with a slight naughty vibe. The fast-rising Canadian singer-songwriter brings out her confident side.
The song arrives on the heels of her recent single “Best Part Of Me”.

“Best Part of Me”

She shared that “I live by this motto where it’s like ‘under-promised, overachieved’ so I don’t get my hopes up for anything, and I was expecting maybe 20,000 streams.” Despite her humble aspirations, the song currently has about 117,000 streams and counting internationally.

The song is very relatable as Olds talks about mental health. 

“It’s a very relatable topic, and a lot of people, you know, struggle with mental health whether it’s like on a severe spectrum or just…mild.” 

The song has a pop vibe but was definitely on purpose. Olds told us that she is the type of person who likes to feel good even when she feels terrible, “If I’m gonna fell bad, I’m at least gonna laugh about it…I’m gonna feel really good about feeling bad.” The song promotes kindness towards one’s self. 

The famous producer, Chris Grainger, was also on the song. Grainger has worked with artists like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Drake. Co-writer and producer Ryan Worsley knew him and got him to help with the song! 

madison olds

The Future

She hopes to one day be able to collab with Harry Styles, an artist that she described as being “retro, 70’s, chique but is 100% current.” Her ultimate goal is to be able to perform at Madison Square Garden! 

We wish Madison all the success in the world! Go stream her new songs “Best Part of Me!” & “3’s a Crowd!”

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