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As a former commuter student from Los Angeles, CA, when it was announced back in March that my university would be going online for two weeks after spring break, I’ll admit I did a little happy dance. Obviously, I would have reacted differently had I known it meant I would never be going back to my university and would graduate at home, sans celebration, but at the time I was just thrilled to not have to spend two hours a day in traffic! 

Being a commuter student, I wasn’t all that social on my campus. I was a transfer student and tended to stack my classes so I only needed to come in a few times per week to avoid my horrendous drive as much as possible, which pretty much killed my college social life. But with remote learning, I found I had way more free time to socialize and actually get to know my peers! Check out these tips and tricks to getting to know your virtual class mates and making remote learning a social experience!

Use Zoom as a Tool

It might be our best alternative to class, but Zoom is definitely NOT the hottest social app of the season. Although breakout rooms can be awkward, they are a newfound way during class time to get one on one interaction with classmates! Go into it with an open mind and strive to make some connections!

Utilize the Private Chat Feature During Class 

I’m a big talker in class, I know, I know it’s a bad habit, but we’ve all got flaws! This new remote format leaves barely any room for idle chit chat and it feels totally unnatural to me, who am I supposed to make snide comments about the curriculum to??? Luckily Zoom built in a loophole for this problem in the form of the private chat feature. Most professors leave it on for the sheer reason that they don’t know how to turn it off, so if your class is one of those cases, take advantage of it!

 I’ve befriended so many classmates this way, and it can make a long lecture so much more bearable when you have a few companions to complain with. There was a rumor going around for awhile that the host of the zoom meeting (AKA usually your professor) can read your private messages, but it has since been debunked, just make sure you’re actually in the private mode before hitting send!

Make It Instagram Official 

Getting off of school-related apps altogether is always a good move! Reach out to people on easier social apps like Instagram or Twitter, chances are your fellow students will be much happier to socialize outside of a “class” format. 

Branch Out 

Now is the time to join that club that used to meet on a day that was no good for your schedule, or one for that niche interest you weren’t sure you had time for! Club and organization leaders at universities across the country are working hard to build community from a safe distance, and you might be surprised how helpful it is to join a group with some shared interest. It becomes a lot easier to make friends when you’re already on common ground!

Download a Watch Party App 

Whether it be Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, or one of the hundreds of other tiny streaming platforms that are now popping up, movie nights have survived the pandemic through watch party apps!

 As someone that was in a long distance relationship for a year, watching a movie or binging a show together in sync and being able to chat about it in real time can make any distance shrink! Propose a movie night to your classmates, clubmates or newly-long-distance friends for some (small) sense of normalcy next time you’re missing going out. 

Remember That We’re All in the Same Boat 

Beyond bonding over homework or frustration over a class, because of remote learning we all have a lot more in common now. Try to remember that if you’re feeling lonely or looking to form new friendships, it’s more than likely that your peers feel the same way. Strive to ignore any natural shyness and don’t be afraid to make the first move in breaking the ice!

What are some ways that you make remote learning a social experience? Drop a comment below and let us know! 

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