Mask Wearing & Its Benefits


Incase you didn’t know, the United States has the most amount of deaths due to COVID-19. The response that the United States had to this global pandemic is an absolute joke. Non-essential businesses are reopening, people are eating out at restaurants again and some people still aren’t wearing masks. For the sake of your health, the health of your family and the health of anyone you may come in contact with everyone should wear a mask. 

At this point if you don’t wear a mask it says more about you as a person. It screams that you are an idiot who doesn’t value the safety of others. 

There are of course exceptions to people who shouldn’t wear a face mask according to the CDC. For example children under the age of two, people who have breathing problems, unconscious or incapacitated people/people who physically can’t remove their masks on their own. If you fall under these categories it is highly suggested that you stay the fuck home. Don’t put your own health and the health of others at risk. It is selfish and you look like a dumb ass. 


COVID can be spread by people who don’t display any symptoms. What this means is that just because you feel fine you could still potentially infect someone who would not be able to fight off the virus. You may not know it but wearing a mask could save so many lives and it is just a piece of protective cloth over the face. 

When you are wearing you mask and start to think about how annoying it may be just think about how annoying it would be to not be able to fucking breathe. Think about how inconvenient it would be if you just died. Think about the guilt you would feel if your selfishness took the life of another person. 


Wear a mask. Stay home if you can. 

Here’s an article with some of our suggestions to spend some safe time with friends! 


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