Masked Singer 3×04: The Elephant In The Room

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By: Becky Root

This week’s Masked Singer introduced Group B, to go up against Group A in the Final 9 next week. First, the Frog came out, who is a short man with swagger. The clues mentioned metamorphosis, 1996 Olympic Games, and $106. Frog sang M.C. Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This.” Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg’s guess at the Frog’s identity picked up on a lightning bolt in the clue package and the athlete who was nicknamed Lightning Bolt is Michael Johnson. Dr. Ken Jeong guessed that the athlete in the mask is Carl Lewis. Nicole Scherzinger felt the Frog is someone she knows, so she guessed Ray J because there were hushpuppies in the clues and he is from Mississippi.

 Next out was the Elephant and Robin Thicke observed that he seemed like someone young and athletic and Jenny agreed that maybe it was a skateboarder. The Elephant’s clues mentioned that he led a massive movement—even through the White House. Elephant sang The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love.” McCarthy said he seemed courageous and brave on stage. The leading a movement and a bicycle in the clue package made her guess that the Elephant is Lance Armstrong. Scherzinger guessed that he is Travis Barker or Tommy Lee. Dr. Ken went a different direction with the “White House” clue and guessed that the elephant is ironically dressed as an elephant, but is actually former Democratic presidential nominee Beto O’Rourke, who was in a band.

 The Kitty came out on stage and proved to be a little lady, loving her look. Her clues included “home among the weird and wonderful,” snow, cream, pirates, a rose smashing, and “high drama.” Kitty sang “Dangerous Woman” by Ariana Grande. Thicke said her vocals were amazing and that she moved great, there’s been no one else like her this season. Scherzinger guessed that Kitty is Julianne Hough or Paris Hilton. The panel disagreed that Kitty was not tall enough to be Paris, but maybe her reality show co-star, Nicole Richie.

 A Taco with a cherry tomato head came out on stage and his clue package included comfort food that has been a comforting part of your lives for decades, here to spice things up, a trolley, and videotapes. Taco sang Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me To The Moon” and joked around with Nick Cannon’s questions. Scherzinger guessed that Taco is Regis Philbin, because he was on morning television for so many years. Dr. Ken really wanted it to be Martin Short. Thicke guessed Bob Saget, concluding that the trolley represented San Francisco and Full House was set in San Francisco and the videotapes represent America’s Funniest Home Videos.

 The Mouse was introduced through a clue package that included “presence is larger than life,” “I wrote the playbook,” 1979, and golden pom-poms. Mouse sang Oleta Adams “Get Here,” and told Nick Cannon that “I talk all the time, I can’t say anything to anybody.” Scherzinger thinks the “Leader of the Pack” in the clue package referenced the musical Leader of the Pack that Darlene Love starred in. Thicke thinks Mouse is Dione Warwick. Dr. Ken went a different way, with Maya Rudolph singing an impression of singers like those ones.

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 Finally, Banana’s clue package included a pufferfish, rodeo, “tough on the outside and a smoothy inside,” hangover, and a blue-collar. Banana sang Elvis’ “Little Less Conversation.” McCarthy guessed that the blue-collar referenced The Blue Collar Comedy Tour and that Banana is Bill Engvall. Scherzinger guessed that Banana is Ed Helms, who is from the South. Thicke picked up on “hoot” and the blowfish in the clues and guessed that Banana is Darius Rucker.

 The audience eliminated the Elephant and it was revealed to be legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk. So McCarthy and Thicke were onto something at the start of the show, but didn’t stick with their initial guess which was correct. McCarthy stuck with her Lance Armstrong guess and Thicke guessed motocross star Travis Pastrana. Hawk explained his clue about the White House was because he skateboarded through the White House at a Father’s Day event and he chose a Cure song because his wedding song was The Cure. Hawke said he had one more song in him, but he is glad he is not going onto the finals.

Predictions on the remaining Singer Identities:


Traits: Small, swagger, Olympics, $106

Likely choice: Michael Johnson

Out there choice: Ray J


Traits: small, pirates, rose, high drama

Likely choice: Every Bachelor contestant ever 

Out there choice: Nicole Richie


Traits: Goofy, on television for decades, trolley, videotapes

Likely choice: Bob Sagget

Out there choices: Martin Short


Traits: Small, but “larger than life,” 1979, golden pom poms

Likely choice: Dione Warwick

Out there choice: Maya Rudolph


Traits: Tall guy, pufferfish, cowboy hat, hangover, blue-collar.

Likely choice: Jason Bateman, on Arrested Development he ran a banana stand and it’s just weird enough to be obvious, right?

Out there choice: Jeff Foxworthy

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