Masked Singer 3×14: Astronaut Grounded in Battle of the Sixes​

Masked Singer 3x14: Astronaut Grounded in Battle of the Sixes

The competition is fierce this far into the third season of Masked Singer and the guest panelist this week is the fiercest, tell-it-like-it-is celebrity: chef Gordon Ramsay. All the masked singers had to bring it if they wanted to survive the Battle of the Sixes and make it to the Quarter Finals.

Kitty started off the competition with a few new clues dropped, a “mind your manners” record, silver apple, and rack of clothing. Kitty totally brought it, singing Marilyn Monroe’s “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.” Guest Ramsay was stunned by her great singing, great dancing. In honor of the celebrity chef in their presence, each masked singer brought out their favorite munchie as this week’s clue on stage. Kitty brought out her sweet and layered chocolate cake with gold flakes on top. Ramsay guessed that Kitty is Charlotte Church, Dr. Ken guessed Lea Michele, and Jenny McCarthy Whalberg went a new way by guessing the singing shy former “desperate housewife,” Eva Longoria.

Rhino clues included: that he is doing Masked Singer for his wife and baby rhinos and that he needs to relax, showing yoga and zen practices. There was also a state of Missouri with a crown in his clue package. Rhino sang “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett, but his singing alone may not take him much further in the competition. Rhino’s Munchie Clue was spaghetti and meatballs. Dr. Ken guessed Jeff Bridges, Ramsay guessed Charles Kelley, and McCarthy again came out with an interesting new guess, Barry Zito. She used the Missouri crown clue, because Zito’s wife, Amber Sayer, is a former Miss Missouri. 

Frog’s clue package included 23, 13, bonbons, and a Twinkie. Frog sang “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons and he got the crowd on their feet, while dancing his froggy heart out with no back-up. The panel of judges agreed that Frog left it all on the stage. Frog’s Munchie Clue was fried catfish. Guest panelist Ramsay guessed that Frog is Lil Jon, Robin Thicke guessed that Frog is a grown Lil Bow Wow, and Nicole Scherzinger pivoted to Thicke’s former guess of Omarion

Nigh Angel’s clues included some En Vogue song titles, phones, and fishhooks. Night Angel poured her heart out singing “Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles Her performance had McCarthy exclaiming, “This was the best ‘Masked Singer’ performance ever for me!” Night Angel’s Munchie Clue was the delicacy roasted crickets on a stick. To the disgust of the panel and most of the audience, host Nick Cannon ate one of the crickets, proclaiming that was the, “Worst thing I ever did on television.” McCarthy slyly admitted, “I’ve done worse.” Dr. Ken’s guess of Night Angel’s identity was Chili from TLC, McCarthy guessed Kandi Burruss, and Scherzinger took the En Vogue bait and guessed Dawn Robinson.

Astronaut’s clues included a Pitch Perfect reference, four aces and a joker, and a watch. Astronaut sang “Story of My Life” by One Direction and his Munchie Clue was a king cake. Dr. Ken guessed that Astronaut is King George from Hamilton, Jonathan Groff. Scherzinger guessed Skylar Astin. Ramsay guessed Jonathan Taylor Thomas, which made Thicke back off his Joseph Gordon Levitt (JGL) kick and jump on the JTT train.

Turtle’s clues included a heart crown, chess, and 914. Turtle sang “Stay” by Alessia Cara. Turtle’s Munchie Clue was colorful corn chips with apple salsa, which Ramsay suspected, “May give you the runs.” Thicke guessed that Turtle is Gavin Degraw, Ramsay guessed the popular Turtle guess, Adam Lambert, and Dr. Ken guessed that Turtle is Zayn Malik

The Astronaut received the least votes, so the panel went through their final guesses on Astronaut’s true identity. McCarthy pivoted to Ben Platt, Thicke stuck with Jonathan Taylor Thomas, while Ramsay agreed because the king cake must be a reference to JTT’s voice in The Lion King. Scherzinger came up with a new guess of Hunter Hayes, so Dr. Ken stole her earlier guess, Skylar Astin. Astronaut was revealed to be Hunter Hayes, the Orion clue for Astronaut is because Orion was a “hunter.” So Scherzinger was correct.

Turtle Clues: heart crown, chess, and 914

Likely choice: Joey McIntyre

Out there choice: Adam Lambert , Turtle looks too much like him to be him, right?

Night Angel 

Likely Choice: Taraji P. Henson

Out there choice: Tamar Braxton


BAG CLUE: catfish, ice cube tray

Likely choice: Omarion , Lil JonLil Bow Wow all grown up

Out there choice: Sisqo


BAG CLUE: Dragons, red riding hood, silver apple, Pope Hat

Likely choice: Ariel Winter

Out there choice: Vanessa Hudgens


BAG CLUE: Stocking with coal, seal in a bowtie, baby rhinos

Likely choice: Tim Tebow or Barry Zito, Jenny McCarthy builds a strong clue case

Out there choice: Vince Gill

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