The Masked Singer Returns For Season 3

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By: Becky Root

Season 3 of The Masked Singer premiered right after Super Bowl LIV on Fox. The remainder of the season will air on Fox on Wednesdays at 8/7 c, starting February 5. Nick Cannon returns as host, along with panelists Ken Jeong (Dr. Ken), Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, Nicole Scherzinger, Robin Thicke. Guest panelist, Jamie Foxx, revealed that many people in his life insisted that he was the previous season’s singer Fox In A Top Hat,—even his mother insisted it had to be him.

The first singer up was White Tiger, who said, “My entire life I’ve sought out perfection,” and the white tiger is a natural choice. Adding that singing on stage scares them and they have not done something that scares them in awhile. White Tiger sang “Ice, Ice, Baby” popularized by Vallina Ice. After the performance, White Tiger said, “That is the most powerful I’ve ever felt.” Scherzinger, impressed by the power of the performance, guessed it was Aquaman, Jason Momoa, because “clams” were in the clues. Dr. Ken added that he thinks it is John Cena because that guy is powerful, he should know, he threw him over the ropes in WWE Raw. Foxx said, “’Ice, Ice, Baby’ is the theme song of all my white homies” when they have to sing, he guessed an athlete in a different sport, with football player Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski.

Next singer up was the Turtle, saying, “I’m the Turtle because I’ve always taken it step by step.” Turtle sang “Kiss From A Rose,” popularized by Seal for a Batman movie. Jamie Foxx declared the Turtle was a Snurtle, snake turtle, for sleek moves during his performance. Jenny McCarthy pointed out the boy band connection, with the line “Step by Step,” which is a popular song by her husband, Donny Wahlberg’s boy band, New Kids on the Block. Joey Mac (Joey McIntyre of NKOTB fame) and Zac Efron were thrown around as possibilities.


The Llama performed next. Nick Cannon pointed out this was the first costumed performer with a strap on booty. The costume had hind legs attached, on small wheels, so the singer could move around with all four legs in the performance. The Llama admitted, “You could call me the Joker,” while hanging out in a DJ studio. Llama sang “She Bangs,” popularized by Ricky Martin. The panel agreed that the performance was powerful and confident, with Dr. Ken calling him the “Jay-Z of llamas.” Howard Stern was tossed around as a possibility, but McCarthy shot that down because Howard hates to fly. Scherzinger guessed it could be David Spade because an ace of spades was in the clues. When Joel McHale was brought up, Dr. Ken agreed that the shaggy llama is how his former Community costar looks before hair and makeup.

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A girly masked singer came out next to the song “Lip Gloss,” Miss Monster, and her background package was filled with hairbrushes, hairspray, and makeup mirrors. Miss Monster hinted that she blew up fast and the people forget she was once just a little monster. She hinted at a crush on the winner of season 1, a fellow Monster, which was T-Pain. Miss Monster sang the country song “Something To Talk About,” popularized by Bonnie Raitt. Dr. Ken and Jenny McCarthy agreed at the long shot that it is Dolly Parton. Mary J. Blige and Dionne Warwick were brought up. Foxx said he, “Knew she was a queen, with, ‘Where’s my mark?’ and ‘Don’t have me in this [costume] too long.’”

The Robot came out next, saying, “I come across as inhuman… doing this to show I am human, I have a heart.” Robot described himself as having creativity and grind and showed a toy skateboard and fire truck colliding in his introduction. He also referenced having to put himself back together. Robot sang “Are You Gonna Go My Way?” popularized by Lenny Kravitz. The panel guessed Johnny Knoxville, Steve O, veered from the Jackass track to boxing, with Floyd Mayweather.

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Another girl, Kangaroo hopped on stage, saying, “I’m a survivor… in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons,” continuing that this year she had no choice but to be vulnerable. So Kangaroo gave a very subdued and emotional performance, singing “Dancing on my Own” popularized by Robyn. Along with Australian items in the introduction package, Kangaroo had a gramophone, so the panel guessed all singers, Jordan Sparks, Kelly Rowland, and Iggy Azalea.

The panel eliminated the Robot and in another round of guessing, brought up Johnny Knoxville, Steve O, Floyd Mayweather and added Flava Flav. The Robot was revealed to be rapper Lil Wayne, Robin Thicke announced, “I did five songs with him!” McCarthy exclaimed, “You just Ken Jeonged yourself!” When asked why there was a periodic table in his Robot clues, Lil Wayne replied, “Platinum,” for platinum records.
Predictions on the remaining Singer Identities:

White Tiger

Traits: Powerful, large, pushing himself to excellence, challenging himself

Likely choice: John Cena

Out there choice: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Baron Corbin


Traits: Slinky, leather and spikes outfit, yellow guitar clue, possible boy band connection

Likely choice: Adam Lambert

Out there choice: Billy Joe Armstrong from Green Day


Traits: Joker, possible radio DJ, Seattle, powerful and confident performance

Likely choice: David Spade, the funny man is the voice of the llama in Emperor’s New Groove

Out there choice: Drew Carey, the funny man is co-owner of a Seattle soccer team; Joel McHale, the funny man is from Seattle (he tweets that he is the llama’s butt on wheels)

Miss Monster

Traits: Girly, possibly fabulous hair, blew up fast, crush on T Payne, deep voice

Likely choice: Miley Cyrus because of deep voice and probable crush on T-Pain (though she tweets she is in the middle of vocal rehab after surgery, maybe the costume hides her from her doctors so she can sing?)

Out there choices: panel choice Dolly Parton; Patti Lupone to not let Patti Labelle (season 2, The Flower) have one up on her


Traits: Australia, gramophone, spotlight for wrong reason, big busted kangaroo

Likely choice: Iggy Azalea

Out there choice: Nicki Minaj

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