Max Ehrich Spotted Emotional Over Ex Demi Lovato

As they say in life, or more specifically in that old song by The Script, “when a heart breaks, no it don’t break even” and this cliché quote may be all too true for Max Ehrich. The American actor has not been taking the break up with Demi Lovato well.

Their Love Story

Lovato and Ehrich began dating in March 2020, embarking on a quarantine romance. The two were officially engaged in July 2020. However the couple was unfortunately only “cool for the summer” and that’s it. In September, Demi and Max called the engagement off and split up.

The Couple Moving Forward

It has seemed Demi has moved forward, focusing on herself and her latest projects. The singer launched a new single titled “Still Have Me” on October 1st. Lovato also released the remix to “OK Not To Be OK” with Marshmello just a week ago, accompanied by an epic music video.

Although, the same can not be said for her ex fiancé. Max Ehrich was spotted in Malibu, California this past weekend and was crying on the beach where he proposed to Demi.

Post Break up Messages From Max Ehrich

A source close to Lovato told E! News ““He has been trying to get in contact with her family and friends and they have all blocked him.” “She’s in contact with lawyers now on what to do.”

Ehrich’s Potential New Girl on The Gram

The breakup was messy but perhaps the post breakup behavior is even messier.  Just hours ago Ehrich posted a paparazzi picture of him and Sonika Vaid walking together on the street.  Perhaps this picture was Ehrich’s way of showing he has wiped his tears up from the weekend and is moving on. 

Demi has yet to make a public statement about the break up and is keeping it private on her end. 

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