Miley Cyrus Might Be Crushing on Harry Styles and His Closet!

Miley Cyrus would have taken Harry Styles (and his closet) for Christmas! During an interview when asked a tough would you rather question, Cyrus had no qualms about the concept of kissing the stylish Styles.

Would You Rather?

During an interview with British radio network, Heart, the singer, 28, was asked if she’d rather snog Styles or Justin Bieber, and Cyrus didn’t hesitate for even a second with her answer. 

“Harry, that’s easy,” she responded swiftly with a wide smile. “Justin Bieber I’ve known way too long, and it’s like a family. Harry Styles!” 

Falling (For Harry?)

The “Midnight Sky” singer went on to acknowledge some other reasons why Styles might be her selection over Bieber… 

“He’s looking really good. Really good. I’m into the fishnets…” Cyrus exclaimed regarding the “Watermelon Sugar” singer’s recent looks, such as the fishnet-adorned cover Styles shot for Paper Magazine. 

“We have very similar tastes. I think sharing a closet, sharing a life together—it just makes sense.”

The Set-Up

Cyrus reportedly became single in August, after ending a 10-month romance with Cody Simpson. The bisexual babe also recently went viral via TikTok for playfully asking out a fan in the comments section of a video captioned, “If Miley comments I’ll get whatever tattoo she says.” 

“How about the time and place of our first date?” Cyrus commented, with a string of romantically suggestive emojis. 

In relation to her latest possible flame, however, Cyrus was much more reserved, but still seemed open to the idea. 

“Everyone is always playing Cupid for me these days,” she said in response to the hosts offer to set her up with Styles. 

Its safe to say the pair would be the cutest (and most stylish)  power couple! What are your thoughts on this duo? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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  • Allison Pruss
    Posted at 14:37h, 02 January Reply

    No harry styles is my crush I love him so much he will get his heart broken if Miley Cyrus want be his girlfriend noooo

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