Mullet Haircuts Have Made a Comeback

Mullets are back and better than ever! The hairstyle that gives us all a blast from the past is the trendiest it’s ever been since it’s time in the 80’s.

With the seal of approval from the trendiest celebs, a mullet might be your next look. Let’s take a look at this trend and how it could work for you.

A Mullet?

It might be hard to believe that this hair cut that was seen as dorky, is now the hottest hair salon trend but it’s true.

The major twist that makes the modern mullet different from its OG roots? Women are at the forefront of the mullet renaissance!

What was once a haircut for men only, is now being rocked by the hottest trend setter’s Gen Z and millennials look up to.  Stars like Billie Eilish, Halsey, Barbie Ferreira and Rowan Blanchard have all sported the short and long blend, only making it more popular.

What really made this trend pop off is Miley Cyrus and Rihanna both currently sporting this hairstyle.

Cyrus, who’s father Billy Ray Cyrus was the “business in the front, party in the back” poster child, has been killing it with her mullet look. The singer has been living her “Plastic Hearts” rock era in this cut that has taken her whole look to the next level.

Rihanna is probably the most trendsetting star, and the icon has too returned to her mullet ways. Rihanna was two steps ahead as always, and had previously sported this controversial style back in 2013.

She recently brought this look back and even posted some New Years photos with the mullet.

Is It for You?

Taking a leap into mullet territory is a big decision. This might be one of the most risqué hair cuts to sweep the trends, but in this case the risk could be worth the reward.

With bangs in the front, sides cut short and the back left long, it definitely takes a brave individual to rock this, but the unorthodox look is what make the rebellious style exciting.

If you’re look for a complete look do-over, or to stand out amongst the crowd, a mullet just might be the look for you. This cut immediately gives you an edge, and what used to be considered trashy is now more high fashion.

Celebrity hairstylist, Laurie Heaps, spoke to InStyle about why she’s on board with this trend.

“As a progression of the shag, the mullet cuts we’re seeing are a bit more provocative,” said Heaps. “They are elevated and chic – not words we typically associate with the look.”

Worried about whether or not your hair is right for a mullet? Heaps says this style works great with a variety of hair types.

“This is a great cut to let your natural texture run free,” she said.

How to Style

If you’re wondering how on earth you would style a mullet, we’ve got the answers for you.

A mullet can be cut in multiple different ways. Take some time to look at the style that best fits you.

If you don’t want to go for the classic cut, longer soft layers on the sides can be a good choice for a less extreme transition to the back.

Like Heaps mentioned, a mullet works for every hair type. You can rock this look completely natural, or add some heat for extra texture.

“You can work with your natural wave pattern, keep it straight, or switch it up with hot tools,” she said.

Heaps also gave some of her expert tips on how to style this cut. When using a flat iron, she suggests waving the iron back and forth to create some not so perfect twists. Heaps also recommends a light hair balm to use when you want to control the shape of your look.

Regardless of the way you choose to style your mullet, this rebellious haircut guarantees your spot as coolest person in the room at all times.

Are you brave enough to make this chop? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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