Music Release Friday! (Vol. 2)

For this special Friday we have a whole second list of new music releases. We recommend checking them all out! Our list contains some veterans in music as well as some newcomers. If you’re a music lover like is then you are definitely bound to find something that will suit you. 

Ty Bri Releases Debut Mixtape Sweet Lick

Ty Bri is one of the newest female rapper to join the scene. She has just releases her debut mixtape Sweet Lick and a video her song “Wake Up” featuring Mulatto. Watch the video here

Melody Federer Releases Single “The Wonder Years”

This song showcases a lot of Federer’s Texas influences! It has a “twangy acoustic-electric guitar strumming out chords while a pokey riff accompanies it.” You can check out the song here

Hudson Mohawke Releases Project Poom Gems

This is the second project released by Mohawke just this summer. It’s safe to say he’s been hard at work. Check out his new project here

Orville Peck’s Second Annual Rodeo/Show Pony

Okay so this isn’t so much a music release but an event. Orville Peck will perform and host “his second annual Rodeo at The Vogue Theatre on Saturday, August 29th. Be sure to tune in here at 9pm EST! 

Sam Fischer Shares Two New Tracks

This lovely artist has recently shared his new project “Homework”. This project contains 6 songs but will include the two tracks “Ready” and “People I Don’t Know.” You can check out his latest work here

Chloe Lilac Releases Her Sophomore EP

This Brooklyn-based artist has been hard at work working on this new EP. She has also put out a video for the track “Douchebag”. You can check out the video right here

The Avett Brothers’ New Album The Third Gleam” Out Now

This album is the third installment of the The Gleam series. The album offers “a glimmer of hope in a time of uncertainty.” Tune in right here

FKA Twigs & Hiro Murai Collab On “Sad Day” Video

These two talented artists have collaborated to make the perfect video for “Sad Day”. The song comes off FKA Twigs second album Magdalene. You can check out the video here

Superstar Toni Braxton 10th Studio Labum ‘Spell My Name’ Out Now

This Grammy award-winning, multi-platinum, R&B/pop sensation has just released a new album. Her single “Do It” has remained on Billboard Adult R&B Charts for three weeks in a row. Go find out why and check out her alum here

Dawes Releases New Song “Still Feel Like A Kid”

This new song is currently available on all streaming platforms! The band shared that “This song is about not only coming to terms with my reality of feeling like a big kid, but also finding a way to be proud of it.” You can check out the song here

My Morning Jacket Releases Physical Version Of the Waterfall II

This album was actually releases earlier this year but only to DSPs and streaming services. You can order and check out their video for the song “Feel You” here

The Smashing Pumpkins Return W/ Two New Tracks

The Smashing Pumpkins have come back with two new songs that you should check out! They are entitled “Cyr” and “The Colour of Love”. Not only that but a video has just been released with the song “Cyr”. You can check that out here! Listen to their song “The Colour of Love” here! 

St. Vincent & Yoshiki Reimagine “New York”

These two talents have collaborated to rethink the “New York”. This collaboration originated due to their common love for genre bending. You can check out the song here to listen to their unique twist!

Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah Releases His Live Album

Chief Adjuah was able to perform this album at the Blue Note Jazz Club in New York. This was just before COVID was able to completely ruin everything. Adjuah was determined to perform and what came out of it was this album, AXIOM. You can stream it here

JessB Drops 3 Nights In Amsterdam

Definitely check out JessB’s new mixtape 3 Nights In Amsterdam. It is said to be fierce, confident, inclusive, and unrivaled. Find out what the buzz is about here

Riot Ten & Whales Drop “Save You (feat. Megan Stokes)”

This song comes off Riot Ten’s recent EP Hype or Die: Emergence. I would definitely recommend checking it out just to see what’s up and also because the cover art looks so cool! You can stream the song here

The Neighborhood Out W/ New Song “Pretty Boy”

Off of their album Chip Chrome & The Mono-tones came the song ‘Pretty Boy”. Along with the song came their video as well! You can check out that right here

Miesa’s Single “Worried” Out Now 

This song was produced by John Ho and “written by frequent collaborators Aire.” Give this Grammy NEXT artists song a listen over here!

Granville Automatic Releases Title Track for Tiny Television

Their album, Tiny Televisions, is set to be released September 11th and will be a duo to their book. Their first book entitled Hidden History of Music Row will be released August 31. You can can listen to the track “Tiny Televisions” here

Aluna Releases Debut Solo Renaissance

This highly anticipated was co-produced by Aluna. It represents the journey “of a black girl in an all-white British suburb back in the day.” Give the album a listen right here

Galimatias Shares Debuts Album Renaissance Boy

Galimatias stated that “I’ve always been very much into sampling. There’s a certain kind of magic that can arise when sampling something and start messing with pitch.” You can check it out yourself here

Jazmine Sullivan Returns With New Single “Lost One”

Jazmine is a 12 time Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter who was taking a kind of break. She has finally returned with her beautiful new single “Lost One” which she wrote. Check it out here! 

Karen Jonas Releases New Album The Southwest Sky & Other Dreams

This is Jonas’ fifth studio album in her career with Yellow Brick Records. She released several of the songs before the album as a whole. You can now stream the whole thing here

Faithless Release Single “Synthesizer” 

This single is off of their album ‘All Blessed’. That will be released October 23rd. For now we have “Synthesizer” and the video to go along with it. Check it out here!

Nothing But Thieves Announces New Track “Unperson”

This song will be off their album Moral Panic! It comes with its own music video that you can check out right here

The Aces Release Fickle Friends Remix Of Queer Anthem “Kelly”

This remix follows The Aces success with their album Under My Influence. Both parties are big fans of the other so this was a natural collab! Check out the lyric video here

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