Music Releases To Check Out This Week!

We have got some new music releases to share with you guys this week! No doubt you’ll find at least one artist that you love in our list. Give the songs a listen and go show the artists some love! 

Noah Cyrus Releases Cover of Mac Miller’s “Dunno”

First up we have the talented Noah Cyrus who covered the song “Dunno”. The song is originally by the late Mac Miller. “Dunno” comes from the album Swimming which was nominated for a Grammy in 2018. With this cover Noah hopes to raise more awareness to The Mac Miller Fund. The organization gives support to underserved community youth. Listen to the song here. 

Dove Cameron Releases New Single “We Belong”

Dove stated “it’s a song about being independent and being good on your own, but being drawn to that one person because you belong together and you can’t help yourself. That love that is so magnetic that everything and everyone else disappears.” Dove co-wrote the song with Noonie Bao, Jesse Shatkin and Casey Smith. Check out the song here


Lupe Fiasco + Kaelin Ellis Release EP House

This EP happened by chance. Ellis released a video of him working on some beats during lockdown and tweeted “Get this to @LupeFiasco somehow,” and Lupe Fiasco actually saw it. He free styled over the beat and tweeted it. This kept going until they had 5 songs. Listen to it here

Gioli & Assia Release New Track “For You”

Gioli & Assia have dropped their new track which is the first single off their upcoming EP, Moon Faces. Their sound is a mix between techno and indie making them pioneers of this genre blending. Find out what that sounds like here


Reyna Roberts Releases Debut Single “Stompin’ Grounds”

For fans of country, keep an eye out for the talented Reyna Roberts. Her sound is very energetic and upbeat and we can’t wait what she does next. The song invites people to sing along and try to hit those amazing high notes. Check her out here


Two Friends’ Single “Looking At You (Feat. Sam Vesso)” Gets Remixed

Two Friends’ lively song “Looking At You” gets a revamp from five producers that include GSPR, Elijah Hill, Leondis, BLVD. and Fells. The song has received support from David Guetta and has been added to countless playlist. We recommend adding it to yours. Check it out here


Good Kid Releases New Song “Everything Everything”

Maybe you’ve heard of Good Kid, maybe you haven’t, but you should definitely be listening to them. These guys are so talented. They have been releasing one song a year since 2015 and have the audacity to make each one an absolute fucking banger. This year they gifted us with their single “Everything Everything” and it’s so good I could cry. Check out their quarantined music video here

Don’t forget to check out the list of music releases we made last week! 


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