Nail Trends You Need To Try!

When you think of a look, you think about the makeup, the hair, and the outfit. But, one of the most important parts of a look is nails. You can have a fabulous outfit, but if your nails do not look cute, it can ruin the whole thing. Here are some adorable nail design ideas for the next time you go and get your nails done!

Minal Looks

Minimal looks are in this season. The simpler, the better. Nails used to be all about sparkle and bright colors, but now it is about muted tones and small minimal designs. One of the biggest nail trendsetters is Kendall Jenner. Whenever she posts a new nail look, it becomes the most asked for nail design quickly after.

Kendall tends to go for the more natural looks with cute small designs. Since she is a model, she cannot have large nails with bright colors.


Florals used to be all about having bright flowers and being flashy, but now florals are very dainty and small. Nail artists are even adding actual flowers to nail designs.

Colored Tips

French tip is the most iconic nail trend ever, but now the most significant trend has to include color. Not having it done in white, but rather putting it in light colors like green and lavender.

Almond Shaped Nails

Almond-shaped nails are the newest favorite shape. They replay the otherwise long acrylic nail for a more natural and soft look. They work great with any hand shape or type and add a more girly flair to your nail accessory.

Fashion Trend Inspiration

A lot of people are taking inspiration from their clothes and applying it to their nails. Right now, a famous clothing brand, House of Sunny, has a dress that has been worn by countless celebrities and is now one of the most popular designs seen on nails.


Having colorful nails has taken on a different meaning nowadays. It is not just about having other colored nails, but rather having different colors on each nail. Bright nails look a bit more minimal and dainty when paired with a nude base and almond shape. Some colors to also look out for are pastel colors as well as muted tones. 

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