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Periods are never easy and sometimes getting to the drug store for Ibuprofen is even harder. Period cramps are common for women to experience during that time of the month. Natural remedies are both easier for you and your body as an alternative to typical pain relief remedies. 

From drinking herbal teas to having an orgasm, there’s plenty of all-natural at-home remedies to make that terrible week, a little less terrible. These remedies are both easy to do, good for you and totally work!


Learning how to relax and meditate will change your life. Whether you’re meditating in bed as you wake up or through the day, it’ll give you so much relief. Resting during your periods allows you to enter the natural state of your body and get in touch with your sacral chakra. This chakra represents sexuality and creativity and will help you center yourself and relieve cramping. 

Heating Pads

It’s no secret that heating pads are life savers when it comes to period cramps. However, if you want to take this method to the next life-changing step, add some castor oil. Apply the castor oil to the external area and place the heating pad on top for 30 to 40 minutes. According to GoodHouseKeeping, this method was practiced back in ancient Egypt and Greece for anti-inflammatory. 

Light Exercise

Gentle exercise like yoga and stretching can make all the difference. Exercise releases endorphins and helps to reduce menstrual pain. Yoga poses such as Cobra, Childs Pose, Cat and Fish are the best poses to eliminate those intense and painful cramps. Stretching and breathing exercises also help center and relax your body so you can feel at peace. 


Having an orgasm is the magic trick for those intense menstrual moments. It both relieves tension in the pelvic muscles and spine. Orgasming releases endorphins and oxytocin which helps decrease pain perception. Whether you do this with your partner or yourself, you’ll feel some well-deserved temporary relief!

Herbal Teas 

With plenty of tea flavor choices, the options are endless! Red raspberry leaf tea relives cramps and helps to slow down extreme bleeding. Ginger tea also helps with anti-inflammatory and soothing you from the inside out. Whether you make your own or buy packs from the store, tea will be your best friend!

Be Food Conscience 

Your diet can make a huge influence on your period and flow. Stay away from salty and fatty foods as well as caffeine, alcohol and carbonation to avoid bloating and water retention. Try to ingest more foods such as brown rice, papaya, nuts, vitamin E and leafy greens. Making these changes while menstruating will help you feel better inside and out, and can prevent the usual period cramps.

Menstruating sucks, and period cramps suck more! Sometimes the typical remedies are not accessible or not for you, and that’s okay. Periods existed well before 24-hour drugstores and over-the-counter meds. These natural at-home remedies will be your best friend next time Aunt Flo is in town! 

How do you ease your period cramps? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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