Necessities To Survive A Girls’ Trip

Girls’ trips are some of the wildest, funniest and formative times we spend with our friends. A girls’ trip may seem like a complete fantasy with the current times we’re living in, but optimism is key! So, here at EntScoop we have decided to compile some things we think are musts as necessities to survive a girls’ trip!

Stick together!

You’ve gone away for some girly time with your besties, not to go off with weird randoms. If one of your friends does end up going home with someone she’s met in the club, make sure you know exactly where she is going and who she is going with. If one of your friends wants to call it a night before the rest of you, either get her another shot to get her to stay or get her back to the hotel safely.  This is a super important thing to remember after reading your necessities to survive a girls’ trip. There is always safety in numbers!

Get a tattoo!

Get a tattoo (regrettable or not), if that’s your kinda thing. Friendship tattoos are super cute and they’re the perfect permanent way to remember your girls’ trip. If you and your gals are brave enough to get inked, then we suggest you go for it. It’s a fun (and painful) way to commemorate the undoubtedly amazing time that you will have with your besties! Just don’t do what Rachel did to Phoebe when they got tattoos together…

Have a look at our Tattoo Trends of 2020 for some tattoo inspo!

Side note: PLEASE make sure that you’re not going down some random, dodgy alley to get it. Also, if it sounds too cheap to be true – then it probably is. Safety first, girls!

It’s not all about alcohol – sort of…

It’s not only about getting drunk! You’re most likely going to be in a different state or even a different country. Wherever you are, you might not have been before, so go and experience things other than bars and clubs. Even if you’re so hungover that you think you might die, go out and experience what your destination has to offer. If you’ve shown your bestie this article and she’s still refusing to get out of bed – force a bottle of water and a couple of painkillers down her and she’ll be good to go. Whilst partying hard is one of the best bits, we promise that getting out on the town (day-time edition) is a top priority in your necessities to survive a girls’ trip!

Stay hydrated!

This seems like a totally obvious one, but we know that sometimes there’s nothing worse than the thought of drinking loads of water when you’re hungover and doing everything in your power to hold down the array of cocktails from the night before. Both your skin and your head will thank you for it. Hydrated skin is happy skin.

Better yet, if you want to earn some real brownie points with the girls, whip them up one of our hangover smoothie recipes!

Document it

Either take loads of cute pics and videos on your phone or better yet – take a disposable camera with you for some quirky printed memories! It doesn’t even have to be an instant Polaroid camera, a standard disposable camera will do! There’s something super fun about having to wait for your pictures to get developed. Also, you can even get a few copies printed and make your besties a photo album of the trip that they can keep forever. Sometimes physical photos are just that little bit more special than the ones on your phone.

Relax and enjoy yourself

Lastly, don’t take yourself too seriously. Involve yourself in as much fun as you possibly can – it’s a small period away from normality, so avoid doing ‘normal’ things as much as you can. Go crazy!

PS – if you can, and if you have the guts, go skinny dipping. We think everyone should do it at least once.

Now go make some amazing memories. Have you and your besties got your next trip planned yet? We’d love to know where you’re dreaming of going!

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