Need Lip Help? Here Are Our Favorite Lip Plumping Glosses


Plump lips have become normalized in the mainstream beauty community fairly recently. While bigger lips originated from Black and Latinx people, it is most commonly popularized by people like Angelina Jolie and those who get lip fillers, like the Kardashians and Jenners. 

The idea behind lip plumpers is the “tingly” sensation you get from putting one of them on is supposed to make your lips nice and voluminous.  

Many people like a plump lip in their makeup look, so here are three of our favorite vegan & cruelty free lip plumping glosses for you to try.


Buxom Power Plump Lip Gloss – $18

The “Big O,” as this product is often referred to as, is an oversized lip balm that can increase your lip volume over time. It includes several moisturizing ingredients like pumpkin seed oil, beeswax, and candelilla wax. It also has lactic acid in it, which is an exfoliant and wrinkle preventer. This does not have a strong burn either, so if you don’t like a crazy strong burn, this one is for you!


Elf Lip Plumping Glosses – $6

Weren’t born with it, but want those big lips nonetheless? Are you on a budget and not want to pay for those expensive lip fillers? Then, this is the gloss for you! She’s super cheap and super strong, so there is a bit of a burn to it, unlike many of the other ones. The only one that really burns quite like this one may be the Too Faced Extreme lip plumper. What is good about these glosses is that you can wear them alone or with something else and they’ll still look super fashionable!


MoonriseCreek Vegan Lip Gloss – $13.50

I am a huge fan of supporting small businesses. I love the idea of helping out small and clean makeup brands. Moonrise Creek created an all natural plumping gloss without all the gross toxins the other products may have in there! They recommend a lip scrub before putting on their product to get an even more dramatic plump. It has cinnamon and peppermint to promote blood flow to the lips, which makes your lips get plump! They recommend not using it every day, but maybe once or twice a week for the best results. Everyone’s bodies are different, so it might not work at all for some people. It also ships free, so that’s another perk!

Etsy has a ton of vegan, cruelty free, and cheaper equivalents to many of the lip plumping and scrub products on the mainstream makeup market. 

If any of these catch your eye, try them out! These are the three that have the highest marks in my book! They’re affordable and good for your body, as they’re pretty clean! 

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