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New Music Friday!

Happy New Music Friday!! So much good music was released today, your ears are in for a treat. Somehow Taylor Swift has put out even more music? There is also new music from Trippie Redd, LILHUDDY, and more!

Trippie Redd ft. Travis Barker, Machine Gun Kelly &  blackbear ‘PILL BREAKER’

Trippie Redd recently teamed up with Machine Gun Kelly and Travis Barker for the song “All I Know” off of Kelly’s “Tickets to My Downfall” album. They are back on Trippie’s newest single “PILL BREAKER.” Enlisted also is “hot girl bummer” singer, blackbear. 

“PILL BREAKER” is  an emotional song with an interesting message. The chorus says that he will “pill you up with love” when you feel down. In fact, Redd’s not the only one using inebriation as a coping mechanism, as Machine Gun Kelly’s confession of “popping a Percocet for lunch” is only the beginning of a drug-fueled bender. The romance mixed with drugs as an escape mechanism is sure to resonate with many people.

LILHUDDY ‘The Eulogy of  You and Me’

Chase Hudson, also known as LILHUDDY, is stepping his other foot into the music industry with his second single, “The Eulogy of You and Me.” The TikTok star turned actor turned musician collaborated with Travis Barker on the new track. 

Along with starting new relationship, Barker has been working with many artists while he is also working on blink-182’s upcoming single. 

This pop-punk track is co-written by Travis Barker and blink-182. I didn’t want to like this song as much as I did, but props to LILHUDDY. Definitely stream!

Ariana Grande ‘Positions: Deluxe Edition’ 

Ariana Grande has released a deluxe edition of “Positions,” which was released in October.

This new version features five additional tracks, including Grande’s “34+35 (Remix)” with Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion, an interlude titled “someone like u,” and new songs “test drive,” “worst behavior,” and “main thing.”

HAIM ft. Taylor Swift ‘Gasoline: Remix’

HAIM just put out a new version of their song “Gasoline.” The new remix features Taylor Swift, who previously collaborated with Este and Daniel Haim on her “evermore” track “no body, no crime.”

The band also released new versions of “3AM” with Thundercat. 

The band shared a statement about the new takes on Instagram. About working with Swift on “Gasoline,” HAIM wrote, “when we were thinking about ways to reimagine some of the tracks from the record, we immediately thought of her. she brought such amazing ideas and new imagery to the song and truly gave it a new life.”

There is truly something beautiful about hearing Taylor Swift say, “you needed ass, well what’s wrong with that?”

Lil Yachty ft. Kodak Black ‘Hit Bout It’

Lil Yachty and Kodak Black have joined forces for new song “Hit Bout It.” 

“I’m paranoid I can’t hang out for long bitch Ima nomad/Christmas I had bought all steppers brand new door mats,” Lil Yachty raps. “Inside the whip bright orange like the Lorax/I’m built tough was made to be outside just like Gortex.”

“In and out the trap where I stay but I ain’t one sleepin,” Kodak Black raps. “I’m totin’ a Sk for no reason all my ops are dead/I got rubies on my teeth and plus my molly is red.”


THE BLOSSOM has released “HARDCORE HAPPY” and video, and announced their upcoming EP, “97 BLOSSOM.”

 In their music, THE BLOSSOM approaches darker, widely undiscussed topics in a humorous manner. “HARDCORE HAPPY” provides a great example of their intentions with this EP.

“‘HARDCORE HAPPY’ is all my chaos in the form of a strong warm hug. Growing pains, the aches, while I’m closing my eyes and running towards change,” said the singer. 

“Counting days in my sleep and hoping for something more. When someone asks me what it’s about I say, ‘Everything I am and everything I wish I was. It’s a hybrid of everything I’m influenced by sonically and emotionally,'” they continued.

“97 BLOSSOM” will be out April 6th. 


What was your favorite song released this week? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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