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New Music Friday

Happy New Music Friday! This week was full of new releases. Check out this week’s new music released by  some of our favorites like The Weeknd & Ariana Grande, H.E.R., LILHUDDY, Lil Yachty, and more!

The Weeknd & Ariana Grande ‘Save Your Tears (Remix)’

The Weeknd and Ariana Grande brought on all the tears on their “Save Your Tears” remix.

Causing fans to predict this release, both artists teased a snippet on Twitter of them harmonizing the lyric “I don’t know why I run away.” 

The “Save Your Tears” remix is The Weeknd and Grande’s third collaboration in seven years. 

The Weeknd has released several “After Hours” remixes including “Blinding Lights” with Rosalía, “In Your Eyes” with Doja Cat, and more.

Last month, The Weeknd re-released his debut mixtape, “House of Balloons”, to mark its 10th anniversary. 

I can’t believe it’s been ten years, but I am so happy that Abel has continued to bless us with his music for  a decade. 

H.E.R. ft. Chris Brown ‘Come Through

H.E.R. and Chris Brown’s “song of the summer” is here. The Grammy winning R&B singer has collaborated with Chris Brown on her new single “Come Through” off of her upcoming album. 

This song is all about the chemistry between two people. H.E.R sings the lyrics “But you should come through tonight / I’m chillin’ on the Westside, boo / Call my homegirl, tell your best friend.” Chris Brown replies, “Fightin’ it off, you been fightin’ me off for weeks / Don’t leave, ’cause I need ya.” This song  will definitely have you ready to call up that someone from your past. 

Lil Yachty ft. ‘Michigan Boy Boat’

Lil Yachty is back with new music. A mixtape featuring 14 new tracks from the rapper was released today. 

The project highlights rappers from Detroit and Flint Michigan. The list of collaborators includes Sada Baby, Babyface Ray, Tee Grizzley, and Rio Da Yung OG. One non-Michigan guest on the tape is Swae Lee. 

Alongside the new mixtape, Lil Yachty has been busy developing a heist movie based on the card game Uno, and becoming a favorite on TikTok.

Lil Yachty has been collaborating with Michigan-based artists for years. He worked with Tee Grizzley for “From the D to the A” in 2017.

LILHUDDY ‘America’s Sweetheart’

Chase “LILHUDDY” Hudson has released a new song.

Entitled “America’s Sweetheart,” the ballad shows Hudson’s more sensitive side and vocal abilities. “This song means everything to me,” wrote LILHUDDY in a Tweet following the song’s release.

LILHUDDY also dropped an official music video, which co-stars fellow influencer Charli D’Amelio, who he once dated.”I’m the bad guy and you’re America’s Sweetheart,” seems to point to his past relationship with D’Amelio. However, the two exes remain on good terms. 

The TikTok star is now pursuing a career in music, and he definitely has a promising future.

Jorja Smith ‘Gone’

“Gone” is the second single off of Jorja Smith’s upcoming album, “Be Right Back”  which will be available May 14th. 

“Be Right Back” comes after her last album, “Lost & Found” as well a selection of more recent singles and collaborations. Earlier this month, Smith collaborated with Brent Faiyaz on Sonder’s new single “Nobody But You.”

“It’s called “Be Right Back” because it’s just something I want my fans to have right now,” says Smith in a press release. “This isn’t an album and these songs wouldn’t have made it. If I needed to make these songs, then someone needs to hear them too.”

Discussing “Gone”, Smith says, “There’s something about being able to write about one thing and for it to mean so many different things to others. I love that this song, well any of my songs really, will be interpreted in different ways, depending on the experiences of the people listening. This one is just me asking why people have to be taken from us.”

CHVRCHES ‘He Said She Said’

The Scottish pop trio, CHVRCHES just released the new track “He Said She Said” after teasing it for a week in a series of cryptic posts. The single is accompanied by a video directed by Scott Kiernan.

“The revolving door is metaphorical to the circular nature of a manipulative power dynamic, and the looping thoughts that go along with feeling trapped in it,” Kiernan said of the new video.

This is the first time that CHVRCHES has released new music since 2018.

The track features lead singer Lauren Mayberry telling about statements that have been made to her by men. “He said, ‘You need to be fed, but keep an eye on your waistline’.” The track was created during quarantine, while Mayberry and Martin Doherty were in Los Angeles and Iain Cook was in Glasgow, Scotland.

Which New Music Friday release are you most excited for this week? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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