Nicole Kidman Reveals ‘The Undoing’ Impacted Her Health

Nicole Kidman expressed difficulties with emotionally taxing roles on Marc Maron’s podcast yesterday. She talked about her roles on “Big Little Lies” and “The Undoing”, and the toll it took on her mental health while performing.

Mental Health in Acting

“Even on ‘The Undoing’ it kind of happened where I just was like suddenly, I was in this place, there was sort of a disquietness to my personality where I was uneasy, and there was duress on who I was,” she said.

“I actually got really sick, and I think this is a big thing that happens to actors,” she said. “I went down for a week because your immune system doesn’t know the difference between acting and truth when you’re doing those.”

The actress further explained, “I have not learned a technique to tell my brain and my body, ‘Oh this is just acting.’  I haven’t learned how to clean that out.”

“It doesn’t really work for me. I go home, and I don’t sleep well and I’m not well if it’s that disturbing to me.”

Too Much Method

She experienced similar effects while filming the 2018 movie “Destroyer,” A neo-noir crime drama in which her character is a detective hell-bent on revenge against a gang of bank robbers.

“That was awful being in that place,” she said. “I stayed in that character. I didn’t want it to feel like acting. I would growl and moan. I was a very unpleasant person during that time.”

Of course, not all her performances are created equal, and she expressed the difference between the emotionally exhausting ones previously mentioned and more vibrant roles. Maron asked her why she continued to take roles like those given the traumatic effects of them, and she contrasted them with her recent role in the 2020 Netflix musical comedy “The Prom.”

“But then something like Angie in ‘The Prom,’ I just go, ‘Great I get to dance and I get to love everybody, and I get to go ‘Come here, let me hug you, it’s all gonna be all right,”’ she said.

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