Olivia Jade Releases First YouTube Video Since College Admissions Scandal

Olivia Jade Giannulli is back in action. The 21-year-old has released her first YouTube video since her and her family’s involvement in the college admissions scandal.

The video was a 15-minute vlog detailing her daily life in a COVID-19 world. Olivia was very cautious with each part of this video, adding in directors’ cuts to make sure everything she was saying was coming off the right way. The star began her video by taking the time to address her decision to come back and move forward. 

The Intro

Olivia starts her vlog by adding in an intro to address the obvious topic. “This is so crazy! Welcome back to my YouTube channel. I am really excited because obviously I haven’t filmed in a really long time and I’m just grateful to be back on YouTube and I’m really excited.”

She continues by saying, “I wanted to film this little intro part just because I didn’t want it to, like, just start the vlog and me not address anything.” 

She adds, “Obviously did my Red Table Talk interview and I think if you have any questions for me or you have anything to say or your like, ‘Why are you back?’ you can go watch that interview. I think I kind of disclosed what I felt I needed to say on there.”

Olivia refers to her guest appearance last year on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Facebook Watch series, “Red Table Talk.” This guest appearance was where Olivia first broke her silence regarding her and her family’s role in the college admissions scandal.

Moving Forward

The next scene in her vlog cuts to Olivia adding in a “quick little editor’s note.”

“I didn’t want this to come across the wrong way, and I’d just rather say something and makes this video look a little weird,” she said. “I don’t mean to say in a dismissive way or a pretentious way. I think what I was trying to get across was that the thing I wanted to do the most was apologize for so long and I felt like I got to do that at Red Table. So although I can’t change the past, I can change how I act and what I do going forward.”

She added, “I just don’t want anyone to take it the wrong way and be like ‘Ugh. I went on Red Table Talk and now my name’s cleared.’ Like, no. That’s not it. Just for my own mental sanity I don’t want to keep rehashing things. I just want to move on and do better and move forward and come back, and do what I love, which is YouTube.”

She adds in a little comment written at the bottom of her video that reads  “also side note- thank you again Jada, Willow and Gammy for having me. I really appreciate you allowing me to share my experience.”

The Vlog

The rest of the video was  a normal vlog of Olivia detailing her daily tasks. She wrote in her journal when she woke up in the morning, made coffee, played with her dog, worked out, made dinner and showed us her night-time skincare routine.

It seems this former content creator has made plans to address the past head on, move forward and return to the world of YouTube!

What are your thoughts on Olivia’s return to making content? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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