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Dating during these times is harder than ever before. We are physically isolated, away from friends, and it is unsafe for us to go out very often. Through all of this online dating is our best friend. Now more than ever, singles are heading to online dating sites to meet a new special someone. Here are some tips when starting to online date during these unique times!

Put Yourself Out There

There is absolutely nothing worse than letting fear hold you back from meeting someone new. Everyone gets nervous or can get a bit afraid, but don’t let that hinder you from meeting that new person. That other person is probably just as scared as you are at trying something new. Just go out there and be yourself!

Sites to Use When Looking for That Special Someone

The amount of sites to meet someone new are endless. There is Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, and various others. These apps and sites are great avenues to see perspective singles in your area and try to meet someone new. If no one catches your eye as a love interest you can count on apps like Bumble to still have great use! Bumble isn’t just for dating. The app also has a feature to look for friends! 

Safety First

Before going on a date, make sure to at least video chat with the person once before. This is to verify that they are who they say they are, and it also takes some of the stresses away from the first in person meetup. Another safety tip is to share your location with a family member or friend. This will ensure that someone knows where you are going at all times.

Grab Your Girls for a Secret Double Date

A trend is going around on TikTok where girls are scheduling dates with guys at the same time as their friends at the same restaurant. During the date the girls go to the bathroom at the same time and then talk to each other about how their date is going. This funny trend is a cute way for you and your girls to share a laugh and make for a less nervous experience. Although in this trend the guy usually isn’t in on it, this idea is something you and your girls will always remember!

Covid-19 Safe Date Ideas 

When taking your dating game from the apps to the real world it is important to remain safe during these tough times! An easy Covid-19 safe date is a car lunch. You can sit in your own car  and eat lunch with your date parked next to you in their car. This ensures social distancing and also allows for you both to see each other in person. A picnic is another great idea, but be sure to be socially distanced in your set up. Lastly, Facetime or Zoom is always a great way to meet someone nowadays. It is effortless and can be fun if you get creative! Maybe try both cooking a recipe together over video chat!

Overall, online dating is definitely not as normal as meeting someone in person, but it is the time we are in right now.

What are some ways that you make the most out of meeting someone new during these times? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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