Our Favorite Workout Band Brands

Are you looking for quality resistance bands to use for your at-home or gym workouts? Well, look no further–we’ve got you covered! Here are a few of our favorite exercise bands that will not only guarantee a good burn during your workouts, but better yet, they won’t break the bank. 

1. Vosmae Resistance Bands for legs and Butt

These latex bands come in a set of 5 with a little carry bag, so they’re perfect to take to the gym and on-the-go. They also come in varying resistance levels and are suited more for lower body workouts. 

2. Letsfit Resistance Loop Bands

The Amazon’s  choice “Letsfit” band brand, also comes in a set of 5 latex bands and a small carry bag to put them in. They have different colors to choose from, and include x-light to x-heavy resistance bands. These are best used for strength training, stretching, physical therapy, and pilates.

3. Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands

Another great set of 5, latex bands that are super affordable as well as multifunctional; they can be used to work all parts of the muscles like arms, abs, chest, glutes and legs. 

4. Te-Rich Fabric Resistance Loop Exercise Bands


We highly recommend these! First of all, fabric resistance bands are much more sturdy and will not roll on you during your workout. Secondly, the resistance on these will leave your muscles burning and sore the next day! Lastly, they come with 3 different resistance levels–light, medium, and high–and a convenient mesh pouch for storage. These are our absolute favorite!

5. Tribe Lifting Fabric Resistance Bands

The “Tribe Lifting ” bands are Amazon’s choice, and for a good reason. They’re affordable, fabric, and come with 5  different resistance band levels inside a mesh bag. 

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