Paul Rudd Says “Wear A Mask” Or You’re Not Cool

You know what’s so fucking hot, wearing a mask. When I see a person walking on the street not spreading COVID by wearing a mask I instantly know they are young and cool. It’s the latest new trend and all the cool kids are doing it! Don’t believe me? Well, just ask “certified young person” Paul Rudd

In a recent YouTube video, posted on Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s page, Paul Rudd hits us with the straight facts, “apparently a lot of COVID is transmitted by us millennials. No cap.” In the video Paul is seen in his classic young person attire. The look is truly completed with the headphones around his neck and the skateboard that he walks in with. 

Paul just gets it. He knows we all want things to go back to normal. He knows you don’t want to be told what to do either. “I’m not going to preach at you like some celebrity. Blehh.” He does recognize the fact that mask still keep everyone safe. “Caring about other people is the new not caring about other people.”

To make it even more hip and trendy, Paul suggests that we make it a whole new challenge. “How about a stop the pandemic challenge? What about that? What about a save grandma challenge?” 

In the end, it’s plain and simple, wear a mask to keep yourself and others safe. If you don’t then you’re probably not cool. #sorrynotsorry

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