Platinum Recording Artist, Tyler Shaw, Talks About His New Song “Remember”

Today on EntScoop Chats, host, Taylor Reardigan sat with Canadian platinum selling artist, producer and actor, Tyler Shaw! He has recently put out a remix version of his new single, “Remember.” With this new remix he was able to work with musical artist, Madism! Shaw has had such an interesting success story and has only been gaining more and more attention with each song he puts out! 

“Remember” Remix

Shaw says that working with Frank Walker and Nick Enriquez was such a vibe. They immediately recognized that the song was something special. They had such a great time working together and you can definitely hear it in the song. The purpose of the song is to “Make sure you remember the good times in your life, and make sure you remember the feeling as well. Especially when you’re going through the inevitable bad times that life is gonna throw at you. It’ll make it easier to get through those bad times.” 

The team was able to record the remix and the video for it on the same day as well! Shaw wanted the video to portray positivity and good vibes. “Be one with the music and just have a good time.”

The concept of the song was inspired by moments in Shaws life where he wanted to manifest positivity. He said it was all about “Remembering good times because of bad times.” The song will be featured on his third studio album next year in 2021! 

Shaw’s Success

Shaw found success early on with the release of his song “Kiss Goodnight” back in 2015. He had no idea that it would do so well. During that time he tried to trust his instincts but also learned from the people around him! 

The journey has been amazing and now he has plaques on his walls to prove it! “It really does take a solid team around you and a solid family and friends.” His initial career choice was actually going to be in soccer but aren’t we glad he made music his full time gig! 

Tyler has also had the chance to tour with some artist such as Shawn Mendes, Alessia Cara and Selena Gomez. He says that Selena was amazing to work with. She was so kind and such a down to Earth person, so getting to know her was really special to him. 

On top of that, Shaw won a SOCAN award only a few days ago for his single “With You.” This song, that has over 30 million views on YouTube, is about his wife that he wrote when they were only dating! So freaking cute! 

Artist COVID-19 Relief Single

Tyler was able to work on this project with Canadian artists ranging from Justin Bieber to Avril Lavigne. He said it took place all in the span of three weeks and boy, was it a stressful three weeks. During this time he was in constant contact with people to get the final product done. In the end, they were all happy to participate and satisfied with what they had created. 

Juno Award Nomination

Tyler received his first Juno nomination back when he released his song “Kiss Goodnight.” This was such a big deal because artists don’t usually get nominations just from releasing singles! His second album, Intuition, was then nominated as well back in 2019. This was such a special moment for him because he really gave it his everything and poured his heart and soul into it. 


The concept behind Shaw’s second album was all about self-discovery. He said that just after his first album, Yesterday, was released he took a trip to Hong Kong with his father. His father is from there and he said that taking that trip helped him reconnect with his culture and become closer with his father. “Yes, I am half Chinese and I am proud of it.”

Dealing With Covid

At the beginning of COVID, Shaw felt very uninspired and discouraged. What’s helping him get through it now are his upcoming drive-in shows in Toronto and Montreal! These will be his first performances since January. Good luck, Tyler! 

It was such a pleasure getting to know more about Tyler and all about his journey. We suspect more success in his future! 

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