Princess and the Frog

‘Princess and the Frog’ Ride To Splash Into Walt Disney World

Princess and the Frog

The Walt Disney Company has recently made the decision to change their iconic Splash Mountain ride to a “Princess and the Frog” themed ride amid the Black Lives Matter movement. 

The ride, normally set in the ‘Frontierland’ section of the United States parks, is based on a very racist movie made by Disney in the 1940s called “Song of the South.” It portrays stereotypes of Black citizens in the post-Civil War South.

It is considered a “glossed-over portrayal of slavery” and follows the story of Br’er Rabbit as he tries to find his “laughing place.”

James Baskett, the lead actor and second Black man to ever win an Oscar, did not attend the premiere in Atlanta. The original theater had a box where Black people had to sit.

Princess and the Frog

The movie is considered so out of touch that the one of the company’s CEOs said that it was far too out of touch to be included on Disney+, any streaming site, or digital DVD.

The change comes after a petition on called for the company to change the ride to honor the first Black princess, Tiana. 

Tony-award winning actress Anika Noni Rose, the voice of Tiana, said, “It is really exciting to know that Princess Tiana’s presence in both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom will finally be fully realized!”

Princess and the Frog

Both Walt Disney World and Disneyland California will be changing their Splash Mountain ride to “Princess and the Frog.”

The new ride will follow Tiana and her alligator friend Louis on a magical adventure. It will have the backdrop of New Orleans and the Louisiana Bayou with a theme of Mardi Gras. 

As of right now, no work has been done on the ride, so those who travel to Disney after its reopening will see the original storyline of the ride.

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