Host of “Hollywood Disclosure”, Serena DC, Shares Her Experience W/ Fame

Today on EntScoop Chats we were able to sit and talk with reality star, Serena DC. Serena got her start on the reality show Instant Hotel. She writes self love books and is a public speaker who’s goal it is to build people up. DC is so ambitious and hardworking that it’s inspirational. She is proof that having a plan and working hard can really pay off. She has had even more success with her show Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DC and others! 

instant hotel

Instant Hotel

Serena began her rise to fame with the reality show, Instant Hotel. The show revolved around Australian property owners who rented out spaces. To win the title of “Best Instant Hotel” the contestants would stay at each others properties and rate their experiences there. Serena had a few properties and decided to enter. “I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to be on TV and ride that wave and see how it was.” 

She stated that this was the time when the internet trolling and bullying began. Just recently, one of her friends and former contestant on Instant Hotel actually took her own life. Serena shared that she was lucky enough to have close family and friends to help her navigate through such a difficult time. 

The show painted her to be the villain. They only aired the negative parts of her interviews and twisted her words. “Be very careful who you trust your words to. Be very, very, very careful, because once you become part of reality TV and you sign a little contract, your words are no longer yours.” 

Hollywood Disclosure

In order to help people realize that celebrities were people too who have also gone through tough time in their life she created her show Hollywood Disclosure with Serena DCShe stated that no one is immune to trolling no matter how beautiful, kind or funny they may be. “I wanted celebrities to be able to talk about all of the terrible things that they’ve been through in their lives in the hope that people at home would listen to their stories and would actually change.”

Her show was the silver lining to the bad experiences she had endured. She had felt like her true story was not told and so she wanted to share the true stories of other celebrities told by them. Her show would be different than others, however. She noticed that other interviewers seemed to talk 80% of the time. DC decided she would simply ask her question and then shut up. She would let her guests speak and feel heard. 

Serena said that some of her favorite guests on her show were Colin Egglesfield and Caitlyn Jenner. Colin was dreamy and they became close friends afterward and Caitlyn had no bitter feelings for the world and just wanted to make it a better place. Season 2 is currently in pre-production and there are some whispers that her show might be nominated for a Daytime Emmy! 

Dream Life

Dream Life is one of Serena’s latest projects. The series aired August 9th and follows her and her friends around Los Angeles as they try to open a business and build their profiles. The show is about “showing people that anything’s possible it doesn’t matter who you are.”

Love Academy

On top of all this impressive work, Serena also co-founded her company known as The Love Academy! The service is meant for people who might not have someone to go to for advice on love. It’s for people who keep falling into the same bad patterns and just don’t know what they are doing. “We’re interviewing experts about love, relationships, dating, sex, everything to do with love and we’re basically putting it all in one place so that people can actually learn about how to improve their love life.” 



Serena advised that if someone has a dream to make it anywhere, they better come with a plan. She said to expect to work hard because there are hundreds of people like you who want exactly what you want. 

Future Projects

Soon Serena will be filming for an all new project that she will actually be directing! It will be called City of Angels and it will follow her friend who is a medium. They will be going around haunted places in Los Angeles and communicating with the dead. Sound like something I could get into! 

You can check out Serena’s shows currently on FYI and Hulu. They are set to be on Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and Vudu in about 6 weeks! Check out our last EntScoop Chats where we talk to Kenny Iko


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