Recipes from TikTok to Try Out This Holiday Season!

With new lockdowns limiting travel this Holiday season, we have more time than ever before to get creative in the kitchen! 

TikTok is a great source of inspiration for all kinds of art forms, including baking. Here are six sweet treats from TikTok that you might want to try out this year!

Christmas Cocktails from @CoffeeWHarry

Finally, an entire TikTok account dedicated to making drinks inspired by the music of Harry Styles! This holiday punch is sure to ward off the cold this Christmas! To get crafty with your cocktails check out the recipe linked here!

These Hot Cocoa Cookies from @stayshaweird

Stasha says herself that these delectable little things are “impossible to screw up” and with only four required ingredients, what’s stopping you from making them?? Check out the recipe linked here and get baking! 

Christmas Crack from @jettsetfarmhouse

If cookies aren’t your thing, maybe take a crack at this! This delicious recipe is easy to make and a for sure holiday favorite! To get cracking on this holiday treat check out the recipe linked here!

Microwave Chocolate Chip Cookies?

If full blown baking isn’t for you, consider giving this recipe from Buzzfeed’s @Tasty a try! Just 60 seconds of microwave time and you can satisfy that simple chocolate chip cookie craving. To try out this easy treat check out the recipe linked here!

These Cool Crinkle Cookies From @bakingenvy 

Not only do these look delicious, but watching the tutorial on a loop is soooo soothing! Check out the recipe linked here and give these cookies a try!

THE Hot Cocoa Bomb 

Of course, you can’t escape this holiday season without trying the newest cocoa trend taking the world (and internet) by storm! Check out these crazy hot cocoa bombs as a way to spice up your cozy chocolate beverage this year!

What holiday treat from TikTok will you be trying this season? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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