Reviews for Regulars w/ Emwats – See My Toes Nail Polish

We are back with another product review with Emwats!

In our segment, Reviews for Regulars with Emwats, host Emily Watson will be reviewing a multitude of beauty products.

On this episode, she tries out the toenail polish brand, See My Toes and gives her honest review. 

see my toes

About the Product

This week, we reviewed See My Toes nail polish. The line of nail polish is designed to give your toes the attention that they might be lacking. 

Whether you like shimmer or opaque, See My Toes has the perfect cover for you! 

All of the polishes are non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free and made in the USA. In addition, the polishes can help create change. The brand donates a portion of their profits to charities. In 2020, they donated to Black Suring Rockaway for Paddle Out, Forest Park Conservancy for Wildwood Trail, and Georgia Senate Election for Blue Wave. They plan to choose three more charities for 2021. 


See My Toes has fun colors like Bath Bliss, Handstand, Coffee Run, and Summer Fling.

Our order of nail polishes come with toe separators to make painting your nails a breeze. 

The application is quick and easy because of the shape of the applicator brush. When applying, start with the base coat and finish with the quick drying top coat. 

According to the See My Toes website, “The process took a few years of researching formulas, bottles and brushes in order to make the experience of polishing, and keeping that polish on, a happy and healthy one.” 

An Honest Review

The colors are bright. The red Hot Flash color goes on “like butta” according to Emily. 

See My Toes polishes are great for saving money on pedicures. They are very easy to apply and build upon. Emily says that the top coat is great for a finishing shiny look. It also does dry very quickly. 

Overall, we would recommend and buy again! 

Will you be trying this nail polish? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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