Reviews for Regulars with Emwats – Emwats Tries the Beachwaver S1

The Product

We are back with another product review with Emwats! In our segment, Reviews for Regulars with Emwats, host Emily Watson will be reviewing a multitude of beauty products.

On this episode, she tries out the ever so popular Beachwaver S1

This is a super popular  ceramic curling iron that turns itself. It is supposed to make curling hair go more quickly and easily. It works as advertised and makes curling your hair so much easier and SO much quicker, once you get the hang of it, of course. 

 Of course it’s a bit pricey, but it really is worth it if you struggle curling your hair.

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How It Works

Since the curling iron moves on its own, Emwats was a bit apprehensive. If it’s going too quickly, it could possibly burn your cheek! However, the Beachwaver has fast and slow settings to make it safer. 

Emily decided to watch a tutorial to make sure that she was using the curling iron correctly. This is definitely recommended because it is so different from typical curling irons. 

While the first few curls were a little odd looking, by the time she curled her fifth or sixth wave, it became much easier. After waving the rest of her hair,  she went back and fixed the strands that weren’t quite right. 

If your hair is thin or color treated, it is best to use the curling iron on a low heat. Since Emwats has thick, uncolored hair, she used it at the hottest setting. 

Curls should go away from your face or you will get “banana curls”. (We don’t know wtf those are either Em.)


An Honest Review

After some trial and error, the waves turned out great! Emily said, “My wrists, don’t hurt, my wrists are golden!” So that’s definitely a plus. 

According to Emwats, those who are used to curling their hair in large chunks will have to adjust because the Beachwaver has a very small clip. The good thing about this is that it causes you to be intentional with your curls, says Emily. 

After a while of trying out her beachy waves, Emily comes back to say that they look amazing. For someone who is not comfortable with most curling irons, this product is perfect!

The verdict: Emily will be using this product again. Overall, we recommend the Beachwaver S1, just make sure to use the correct size and settings for your hair! 


“I’m giving the Beachwaver a PASS.” 

Will you be trying the Beachwaver S1? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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