Reviews for Regulars With EmWats – Il Makiage New York

In our new segment, Reviews for Regulars, host Emily Watson will be reviewing beauty products. On this episode, she tries out the ever so popular Il Makiage New York foundation and gives her honest review!

About Il Makiage

You’ve probably heard of  Il Makiage, or at least seen them all over Instagram. We had to give it a try! Launched just two years ago, the makeup brand wants to finally make shopping for foundation online practical.

 People are going into stores much less these days, but matching foundation can be nearly impossible online. Il Makiage has a solution. Their PowerMatch algorithm claims to help you find your perfect bottle of its signature Woke Up Like This foundation, which comes in 50 shades

Il Makiage i woke up like this foundation

How It Works

Emily explains that you get a free trial of the foundation. The products are yours to try for 14 days. If you love the products, keep them and you will be charged. The box reads, “love it or return it.” At the end of the trial, you will only be charged for what you keep. Anything else can be returned through the Il Makiage website.

When taking the PowerMatch quiz, you are asked a series of questions to help you find your perfect match. The quiz also asks whether you use a brush or sponge to apply foundation and whether you have oily or dry skin. 

At the end of the quiz, your perfect color and formula is generated!

 Emwats explains that she ordered this because it was “literally every other ad” on Instagram. On the ads that she saw, women would try the makeup and it was always the perfect color for them. 

Emwats, Emily Watson wearing Il Makiage I woke up like this makeup

An Honest Review

So, was it a match? When she first put it on, Emily said that the foundation was a bit too dark. This could be user error though. The instructions say to wait five minutes for foundation to set before checking the shade. 

Upon putting it on, the foundation has a sunblock scent. Not a bad sunblock smell, but sunblock nonetheless.

While waiting, Emily tries out their eyeliner. It is described as “your everyday eyeliner.” The tip seems precise enough to make that perfect wing, but the formula is a bit dry.

Coming back to the foundation, Emily says that she wanted a matte finish, and it is very matte, almost drying. This would work better for someone with very oily skin. After wearing the makeup for a while, Emily comes back to show us how it has worn throughout the day. At the end of the day, the foundation has grown on her. The color eventually blended in really well. A big plus to the makeup is the way that it feels on your skin. It isn’t too heavy even though it is full coverage. It doesn’t feel like it would rub off on a shirt, which is always a good thing. 

The verdict: Emily plans to try again for the correct color. Overall, we would recommend this product, just make sure to answer the PowerMatch quiz questions to the best of your ability! 

Have you  tried Il Makiage? Drop a comment below and let us know what you think of the product!

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