Rising Fashion Designers and Shops to Elevate Your Closet

With so many fast fashion brands taking over the market, it’s always important to be on the look out for rising designers and shops. It is always a great time to highlight designers and shops that evoke something in their clothing, rather than just stamping a simple logo over a shirt.

However, in this current economy and the world reeling back from the pandemic, it’s important to note that new quality brands tend to be pricer than fast fashion. If you have the means to spend, buying a new piece can become an investment.

 Here is a list of nine designers and shops to diversify your post-COVID wardrobe! We’re talking massive drip! From gender-fluid pieces, to handmade garter belts from deadstock fabrics, the following names are sure take over the fashion game.

Género Neutral

One of L.A.’s newest shops is Género Neutral, a Latin and woman-owned concept boutique. At Género Neutral you can find pieces from Mexican and Latin American designers, as well as cult favorite labels like Ganni, Paloma Wool, and Barragan. 


ShopKathleen is a Northeast Los Angeles-based curatorial shop. It features forward-thinking art objects, accessories, print items, clothing and more from independent artists and designers.

Heaven by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs gives us a psychedelic, late ’90s teenage romp-fest, in the form of this warped sister-brand, Heaven. Heaven was inspired by the likes of Gregg Araki films, Sonic Youth, and all-around it-girl Chloe Sevigny. This line ranges from mohair sweaters, to trendy ringer tees all the cool TikTok kids are wearing. 

Sunday’s Best Vintage

Not only is Sunday’s a POC-owned and women operated vintage shop, it’s one of the best in LA. This thrift shop rivals other popular shops like Iguana and Out of The Closet.  The shop ranges from ’70s Gunne-Sax prairie dresses, to totally ’80s extravagant prom dresses. Whether it’s disco night at the RedCat theatre or a growing penchant for quality vintage, your best bet will be Sunday’s. 


In-house designer Vanessa Giami takes inspiration from the cyberpunk anime of the late-90’s and oughts’, such as “Lain: Serial Experiments,” and “Ergo Proxy.” These points of reference are evident in her latest collection “021 The Next Stories I’ll Tell.”

The collection is based on a singular Japanese ball-jointed doll modeled after Giami, dressed in prairie bonnets, bloomers, a skirt/sweat pant set. The collection evokes the essence of many cult Japanese labels like Beauty:Beast, Undercover, and Comme Des Garcons.  


Canta is a Montreal-based, knitted hand-bag line that comes in an array of colors and styles. Every bag is impressively made by hand!

Laugh by Lafaille

Laugh by Lafaille, another Montreal-based brand, offers a mix of both up-cycled and sustainably-sourced luxury garments. This ranges from fun ruched gingham shirts, to bondage-esque dresses and funky patterned corsets.  Plus, this brand is a Dua Lipa favorite!  If it’s Dua approved, you know it’s good.

Paula Canovas Del Vas

Paula Canovas Del Vas is a Madrid-based designer and Central Saint Martins-grad, who mixes gothic-Spanish patterns and fantastical silhouettes to create otherworldly, avant-garde pieces.  

Which of these rising designers and shops are you going to check out first? Drop a comment below and let us know!

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