Role Play Sex Scenes from Favorite Movies and Shows

If you want to spice things up in bed with your boo (significant other, friend with benefits, booty call, any other “situationship” you may be involved in), I have a few movie and show scenes you might be interested in role playing! Make sure you have cute, sexy outfits and gather up some “supplies” to really get into character. Now, let’s delve into some steamy hot scenes…

1.)   50 Shades of Grey, DUH!

I mean, this one is super obvious! It is after all, an erotic romance film. One of my favorite sex scenes from the first film of the trilogy, 50 Shades of Grey, is the “Ice Cube” scene. Christian ties Anna up and blindfolds her with his shirt. He then gets an ice cube, holds it right between his lips, and slowly runs it down all over the front side of Anna’s body. Just imagine the feel of the chills and the arching of the back; it’s so sensual and really intensifies the desire for your partner. Christian then turns her around, wraps his willy, and starts boning her from behind.

What you’ll need:

·      Ice cubes.

·      Shirt or blindfolds.

·      A tie.

2.)   The Lucky One

This scene is fun to role play if you’re in a committed relationship, since it is rather romantic and sweet…at the end. If a quickie in the shower is your cup of tea, then this scene could work for you too. We first see Beth (Taylor Schilling) walk in on Logan (Zac Efron) in the shower…YUM (because I mean, Zac Efron, you know?) She then gets in the shower fully clothed and begins to kiss him like she hadn’t seen him for months. He grabs her and pins her up against the wall, with her skirt and all, and begins to thrust pretty hard as she starts gasping and moaning. Not only is it hot, it’s literally super wet too. Then as they get out of the shower, they playfully take each other’s wet clothes off, while slowly and passionately kissing until they’re naked. They don’t just bone, they make love. Super romantic huh?

What you’ll need:

·      A shower.

·      A sexy, little skirt.

·      Your man in boxers.

3.)   You

Season 2 of Netflix’s You is really hot. What makes it super sexy is the fact that both Joe (Penn Badgley) and Love (Victoria Pedretti) are a couple of crazies. It’s very fitting for them to have public, wild, crazy sex, even if it’s just in Joe’s imagination. In this scene he goes to the back of the store he works at to sit down, then Love comes in and asks him, “Are you running away from me?” Joe responds saying, “What? No.” She walks closer to him, seductively puts her hands on his face and begins to passionately kiss him—biting his lip and all. She then goes straight down to unbuckle his belt and begins jacking him off while kissing his neck. She asks him, “You like that?” Which I find super freaking sexy! All along, it was Joe fantasizing this scene in his head. This is a great little teaser for your partner, but where’s the fun in that? Keep the daydream fantasy going!!

What you’ll need:

·      Memorize your lines!

·      A little blue dress.

·      A public place (if appropriate!)

4.)   Riverdale

The CW series, Riverdale, has great role play sex scenes—shout out to “dark side” Betty (Lili Reinhart) and Jughead (Cole Sprouse.) Betty is known as the show’s good girl, but Dark Betty wants to sexually dominate and take control, so here’s your chance to let your alter ego out and boss your partner around. She starts the scene off by saying “I might have to punish you,” Jughead looks up at her amazed AF, and asks “how?” She then pushes him onto the bed and well, you can guess what happened next. There’s nothing better than a sexy, dominating, alter ego accompanied by a black wig and corset, right?

What you’ll need:

·      A black wig.

·      A black corset.

·      Your fave lingerie!

·      A black skirt.

·      Red lipstick.


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