Saturday Sweats with Celebrity Trainer Kaley Hatfield

It’s time to break another Saturday sweat with celebrity trainer and professional dancer Kaley Hatfield! In today’s workout Kaley runs us through a Thanksgiving burnout! This workout is a perfect prep to break a sweat before all the extra sugar on Thanksgiving.

In this workout Kaley reminds us to give it our all during 45 second reps and then rest for 15 seconds! She has us do three laps of each circuit to get the most out of this high energy half hour workout!

Circuit A

Circuit A begins with four jumping twists into a squat. After this duo, the circuit continues with lateral lunges into narrow squat jumps. The first circuit concludes with a workout step called “Goodmorning” into a kickback. This step consists of placing our hands behind our head and bending our head down in a squatted position then raising back up!

Circuit B

Circuit B has us really breaking a sweat and feeling the burn! This amazing series starts off with two plank rows followed by a plank jack. From here Kaley has us do a tricep dip into a glute bridge. This calorie burning B circuit finishes off with some single arm burpees!

Circuit C

This incredible workout is almost over, but we are not done yet! Circuit C begins with knee in sit ups with pulse! From here Kaley has us do a side bend with an oblique crunch on our right side and then finishes off with our left!

Today’s Tip By Kaley Hatfield

Try to fill your plate with protein & greens first. Your plate should mostly be filled with protein and greens. Then about ⅓ filled with breads, pastas and starches. The remainder of what you have left should be dessert, we all know you’re going to have some and YOU SHOULD! Don’t think of the day as foods you “can’t have” were just trying to add some structure and make sure you fill up on the good nutritious stuff first!

Be sure to tune in next Saturday at 11 a.m. PST for the next 30 minute live workout!

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