Saturday Sweats with Celebrity Trainer Kaley Hatfield

It’s time to break another Saturday sweat with celebrity trainer and professional dancer Kaley Hatfield! This 30 minute workout is a perfect prep for any extra calories this holiday season!

In this workout Kaley reminds us to give it our all during 45 second reps and then rest for 15 seconds! She has us do three laps of each circuit to get the most out of this high energy half hour workout!

Circuit A

This high energy workout kicks off with 2 way squats! After these Kaley has us jump into a burpee with push up combo. Circuit A ends off strong with a double knee in sit up that has us really feeling the burn!

Circuit B

Circuit B begins with a combo of 2 lateral lunges into three plyo lunges! As this calorie burning combo concludes, Kaley has us begin a new combo of a tricep dip into a toe tap. Kaley then closes off Circuit B with a high energy combo of two bicycle crunches into heel tap.

Circuit C

This Saturday sweat is almost over but we aren’t done yet! Circuit C starts with curtsies into a sprinter hop. This combo is then followed by a glute bridge walk out. Kaley concludes this amazing workout session with lateral shoot thrus!

Today’s Tip By Kaley Hatfield

How much water are you drinking a day?? It should be about .5-1oz of water per pound of bodyweight. If you weigh 135lbs you should be getting in 135oz of water. The easiest way for me to keep track is to time it out. Drink 1,  24oz glass of water when you wake up, 1 more by 10am, 1 more by lunch, 1 more by dinner, and another before bed. There’s your 5 glasses! Your hair, skin, body and mindset will thank you!

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